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Jordan Asks Syria for 15 Million Cubic Meters of Water

Jordan has asked Syria for 15 million cubic meters (19.62 million cubic yards) of water from the Yarmouk River to help the kingdom overcome the summer shortfall, the water and irrigation minister said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

'Give Us Our Bear Back' Angry Italy Tells Germans

Italy is to demand Germany repatriate the body of "Bruno", the brown bear who ran amok in Bavaria and was shot dead by a hunter last week, the environment ministry said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Judge Stops U.S. Navy Using Sonar off Hawaii

A federal judge Monday issued a temporary restraining order to stop the U.S. Navy using sonar during training near Hawaii because it might hurt or even kill whales and other marine mammals. >> Read the Full Article

Appeals Court Allows Suit against Canadian Smelter to Go Forward

A federal appeals court on Monday decided that a lawsuit can proceed against a Canadian smelter operator who dumped pollution that reached the United States. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Say Warm Seas Threaten Coral

Caribbean Sea temperatures have reached their annual high two months ahead of schedule -- a sign coral reefs may suffer the same widespread damage as last year, scientists said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Low Water in North America's Great Lakes Causes Worry

Several massive vessels have run aground on Michigan's Saginaw River this shipping season, caught in shallow waters a few miles from Lake Huron. The river port is as shallow as 13 feet in a passage that is supposed to be 22 feet deep. >> Read the Full Article

New Delhi Hospital Cares for Injured Birds

In the honking chaos of Delhi's old city, surrounded by bustling streets and crowded alleys teeming with people, hand-pulled carts and motorized rickshaws spewing exhaust, sits a little haven where sparrows chirp, pigeons coo and peacocks scream. >> Read the Full Article

Deal Reached to Restore Salmon in California's San Joaquin River

A settlement has been reached in a court battle over how much water should be allowed to flow from a dam on the San Joaquin River to restore the salmon population, attorneys said. >> Read the Full Article

Booming Development Driving away Persian Gulf's Endangered Wildlife

Environmental watchdogs are few in Arabia. Those that exist acknowledge they stand little chance against developers, many of whom have connections to royal families and huge profits from oil and gas to invest. >> Read the Full Article

Pentagon Exempts Navy from Whale Protection Law

The Pentagon Friday exempted the Navy for six months from a law protecting whales and other marine mammals, a move that may allow planned naval exercises using military sonar to proceed despite a lawsuit. >> Read the Full Article