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Big Three Cars Emit 230 Million Tons of Greenhouse Gas

Cars built by the Big Three automakers gave off 230 million metric tons of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in the United States in a year, more than the biggest U.S. electric utility, environmental researchers said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Marine Parks Failing to Protect Coral Reefs

Marine parks are failing to protect the world's coral reefs, a prominent New Zealand researcher said Wednesday, with fewer than 2 percent receiving adequate protection from these sanctuaries. >> Read the Full Article

Oregon Timber Sale Awarded as Efforts to Stop It Continue

A timber sale in a national forest roadless area has been awarded to a logging contractor, despite efforts by conservation groups and the governor to stop it. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Automakers to Double Production of Flexible-Fuel Vehicles

U.S. automakers said Wednesday they will double production of flexible-fuel vehicles by 2010, adding vehicles capable of running on ethanol blends and other biofuels and reducing dependence upon foreign oil. >> Read the Full Article

Guyana Sets Up Fishing Restrictions to Help Endangered Sea Turtles

Guyana has banned fishermen from spreading large nets off its northeastern coastline after more than two dozen dead sea turtles washed up on beaches, officials said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Organic Dairy Growth Raises Concerns

A different kind of organic dairy farm is emerging out west -- corporate-owned feedlot operations with thousands of cows that are fed organic grain but, according to critics, get little chance to graze. >> Read the Full Article

EU Governments Move Closer to Agreement to Cut Air Pollution

European Union governments moved closer Tuesday to agreeing on tough plans to reduce air pollution, which the European Commission claims kills 370,000 citizens a year. >> Read the Full Article

Big Bats Show Puzzling Fondness for Small Places

The startled bats resemble a flock of demonic ravens as they take to the sky, their huge wings spreading over the green canopy of the forest. With wingspans of about 3.3 feet or more, the bats are surprisingly big but their chosen home is small. >> Read the Full Article

Domenici Offers Temporary Nuclear Waste Storage Proposal

The government would store civilian nuclear waste for up to 25 years at federal sites across the country under a proposal in the Senate to deal with growing volumes of used reactor fuel at power plants. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists OK Gore's Movie for Accuracy

The nation's top climate scientists are giving "An Inconvenient Truth," Al Gore's documentary on global warming, five stars for accuracy. >> Read the Full Article