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Water, Sanitation Key to Disaster Response, Long-Term Development

The lack of major outbreaks of disease in areas hit by the Dec. 26 tsunami is largely due to the rapid deployment of clean water and sanitation teams, the international Red Cross said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Brazil's Wetlands Threatened by Agribusiness

The boom in agribusiness in Brazil's midwest threatens to destroy the world's largest freshwater wetland, scientists said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

On <i>Beyond Organic</i>: 'Pharming'

The next time you're eating rice, do you really want to worry whether it's been contaminated with drugs? Welcome to "pharming" -- the new genetic engineering science that turns corn, rice and even animals, into drug-manufacturing factories. >> Read the Full Article

Figures Show British Carbon Dioxide Emissions Rose in 2003

The British government insisted Monday that the country was on track to meet Kyoto Protocol targets, despite new figures showing that carbon dioxide emissions rose in recent years. >> Read the Full Article

Tour Rush Seen in Alaska Refuge before Oil Drilling

As Congress moves closer to approving the Bush administration's controversial plan for oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, some Alaskans are expecting a rush of visitors who want to hike, raft and camp before any drilling starts. >> Read the Full Article

Agency Admits Using Faulty Data on Endangered Florida Panthers

Criticized by a whistle-blower, the Fish and Wildlife Service conceded Monday that it bungled some of the science used in protecting Florida's endangered panthers. >> Read the Full Article

South America Wetlands May Be 'Next Everglades,' Report Says

Giant South American wetlands are under threat from farming and house building and could shrink like Florida's Everglades last century, a study by U.N. experts said on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists Tell German Automakers to Drop Suit Against Calif.'s Proposed Emissions Law

A group of national environmental organizations on Monday urged German automakers to drop their lawsuit against California's proposed stricter clean air regulations, accusing the carmakers of double standards. >> Read the Full Article

Clean Harbors Boosts Income; Reviews Accounting Method

Clean Harbors Inc., the Braintree, Mass.-based company which in 2002 bought several assets of Safety-Kleen Corp. chemical services division, including a Lexington County superfund site, reported fourth-quarter revenues of $176.2 million, a 21 percent increase from the $145.5 million in revenues reported a year ago. >> Read the Full Article

Two Montana Oil Refineries Disagree With Proposed Ethanol Blend Bill

Offering consumers a motor fuel with a 10 percent ethanol blend is fine, but do not make it mandatory, executives at two local oil refineries say. >> Read the Full Article