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General Electric Agrees to Buy Water Company

General Electric Co. will buy a water treatment company in Canada for $656 million in a deal that will accelerate the conglomerate's plans to tap into a fast growing market in a thirsty world, company officials said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

U.N. Meeting to Try to Slow Species Loss

A U.N. environmental meeting in Brazil from March 20-31 will review a world goal of slowing a drastic acceleration of the loss of animal and plant species by 2010. >> Read the Full Article

Report Says Alternatives for Treating Hog Waste Remain Too Expensive

A five-year study to find more environmentally friendly ways to treat hog waste in the nation's second-largest swine producing state turned up several options, but none that farmers appear ready to pay for. >> Read the Full Article

Extreme Cold Slows Cleanup of Record Oil Spill on Alaska's North Slope

Heavily bundled crews are braving merciless cold to continue cleaning up the largest oil spill ever on Alaska's North Slope. In recent days, the wind chill factor dipped to more than 70 degrees below zero at Prudhoe Bay. >> Read the Full Article

Coast Guard to Study 'Cargo Sweepings'

For more than 75 years, shipping companies that haul iron ore, coal, salt and limestone have dumped their "cargo sweepings" -- residual materials and wash water left on freighters after they are unloaded -- into the Great Lakes to avoid contaminating future loads. >> Read the Full Article

Flooding Rivers Create Problems in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey

Torrential rains and melting snow caused rivers to flood Monday in a large border area encompassing Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, cutting off some towns and closing schools in parts of the region. >> Read the Full Article

Wisconsin Certifying 'Green' Tourism Businesses

It's not easy being green, but such efforts are about to be recognized through an environmental certification program called Travel Green Wisconsin being created for Wisconsin lodgings, restaurants and other tourism businesses. >> Read the Full Article

Tourists in Vigil of Patagonian Glacier

A vast Patagonian glacier that lost an enormous wall of ice in a spectacular collapse in 2004 has begun cracking ominously amid expert warnings Monday another section could soon break free. >> Read the Full Article

On <I>Beyond Organic</I> --'Green' Tax Incentives & Organic Rebates

Does your insurance carrier subsidize your grocery bill? That’s a legitimate question in Wisconsin, where one health insurance company is giving rebates to members who buy their vegetables direct from local farms. >> Read the Full Article

Winter Warmest Ever on Record in Canada

The winter of 2005-2006 has been Canada's warmest on record and the federal agency Environment Canada said Monday it was investigating whether it's a sign of global warming. >> Read the Full Article