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China Breeders Urge Lifting of Tiger Parts Ban

China tiger breeders called for the lifting of a ban on selling tiger parts on Thursday, saying the trade in tiger medicines used to treat rheumatism and loss of sexual appetite would help preserve the endangered species. >> Read the Full Article

Study Shows Dinosaur Demise Did Not Spur Species

The big dinosaur extinction of 65 million years ago didn't produce a flurry of new species in the ancestry of modern mammals after all, says a huge study that challenges a long-standing theory. >> Read the Full Article

Tiny Blind Animal Halts Billion Dollar Aussie Mine

A blind spider-like animal has stopped development of a multi-billion-dollar iron ore mine in Australia after an environmental body rejected the project for fear the tiny cave-dweller would become extinct. >> Read the Full Article

Cuban Leader Assails U.S. Biofuel Policies in Sign He May Be Recovering

Fidel Castro lashes out against U.S. biofuel plans in an op-ed piece published Thursday, a sign Cuba's 80-year-old leader may be taking a more active role in public affairs after months sidelined by a still undisclosed illness. >> Read the Full Article

Gore Searches for New U.S. Venue for Climate Concert

Plans by environment crusader Al Gore for a climate change rock concert at the U.S. Capitol are running into some Republican opposition. The former Democratic presidential candidate wanted to hold one of seven worldwide "Live Earth" concerts on the National Mall in the U.S. capital on July 7. >> Read the Full Article

Environmental Group Calls on EU To Halve Catches of Threatened Bluefin Tuna

The WWF environment group called on the EU Thursday to cut catches of bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean by half in an attempt to secure the commercial survival of the species. >> Read the Full Article

Australia Seeks Backing for Deforestation Fund

Australia, which refuses to sign the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, will ask other nations to contribute to a new fund to combat deforestation and global warming, Prime Minister John Howard said on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

UNEP Says Greener Buildings Could Slow Global Warming

Better architecture and energy savings in buildings could do more to fight global warming than all curbs on greenhouse gases agreed under the U.N.'s Kyoto Protocol, a U.N. study showed on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Government Eyes Changes in Species Protection

The Interior Department is considering a broad revamping of how it protects animals and plants in danger of extinction, including changes that critics contend will reduce the number of species that will be saved. >> Read the Full Article

One in Ten at Risk from Rising Seas, Storms, Study Suggests

One in 10 people in the world, mostly in Asia, live in coastal areas at risk from rising seas and more powerful storms that may be caused by global warming, an international study showed on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article