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EPA Proposes Allowing Ethanol Plants to Emit More Pollution

In an attempt to increase domestic production of alternative fuel sources, the Bush administration has proposed allowing ethanol plants to send more hazardous air pollutants into the air. >> Read the Full Article

Computers Utilized for Quickly Checking Fish Mercury Levels

Pacific Seafood, a wholesale distributor in California, has become the first seafood processor in the nation to offer its customers the option of testing the level of mercury in the fish they purchase. >> Read the Full Article

Bio-Diesel Car Rental Opens in World's Car Capital

A company offering rental cars powered entirely by bio-diesel set up shop in Los Angeles Tuesday, hoping to bring the aroma of popcorn and doughnuts to the city's smoggy freeways. >> Read the Full Article

Norway's Electric-Car Maker Think Nordic Declared Bankrupt

Think Nordic AS, the electric-car maker once owned by Ford, was declared bankrupt Tuesday after failing to meet wage and other payment obligations. >> Read the Full Article

Illegal Loggers Clearing PNG's Forests, Report Says

Illegal logging is destroying large areas of forest in Papua New Guinea despite a government crackdown and policies that regulate the practice, global environmental group Forest Trends said. >> Read the Full Article

Flamingo Deaths Spark Bird Flu Probe in Bahamas

Health experts were dispatched Tuesday to the southern Bahamas island of Inagua to find out if an unexplained spate of bird deaths was linked to a deadly bird flu virus that is spreading around the globe. >> Read the Full Article

California City Approves $250 Million Desalination Plant

The city of Huntington Beach, California, Tuesday approved construction of the nation's largest desalination plant, ending years of bitter debate with environmentalists. >> Read the Full Article

Professor Finishes Maine Bay Seaweed Study

A University of New Hampshire plant biology professor has documented an abundance of invasive species of seaweed in Maine's Casco Bay that appear to be changing the ecosystem. >> Read the Full Article

In Congo, Pygmies Ill-Prepared to Fight for Their Forests

Pygmy chief Mbomba Bokenu says he may soon let loggers cut his people's forests, and all he expects in return are soap and a few bags of salt. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Biologists Bet N.D. Pelicans Return

Federal biologists who were baffled by pelican die-offs and departures at Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge the past two years are betting the big birds will be back in about a month. >> Read the Full Article