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Volunteers Pluck Eight Million Pounds of Trash from Beaches Worldwide

Cigarettes and their filters topped the list of trash items culled from beaches worldwide during last year's annual international coastal cleanup, according to a report. >> Read the Full Article

House Concurs with US-Russia Accord on Polar Bears

The House gave its approval Monday to a U.S.-Russia treaty to help protect polar bears from overhunting and other threats to their survival. >> Read the Full Article

Crops Wither under Stifling Heat Wave

Harvey Heier checked his dryland fields and watched helplessly as his corn plants withered under the unrelenting heat wave. The plants along the edge of his fields are brown, and he figures he's losing bushels off his production every day. >> Read the Full Article

Endangered Flowers Trigger Fight over California Housing Development

Did someone in this wine country town illegally plant an endangered flower to sabotage a proposed housing development? That is the question at the center of a quarrel folks here have dubbed "Foamgate." >> Read the Full Article

Average Fuel Economy Showed No Improvement in U.S. This Year

The Environmental Protection Agency said in its annual report, based on sales projections provided by automakers, that the estimated average fuel economy for 2006 vehicles was 21 miles per gallon, the same as for 2005 models. >> Read the Full Article

Killer Salinity Rings Australia's Desert Heart

In Australia's central deserts, salination is turning once productive farmland into lifeless dirt tracts and threatening the country's A$30 billion ($22 billion) agriculture export industry, one of the biggest in the world. >> Read the Full Article

Greenland Opens New Round of Concessions for Oil Exploration in Fragile Arctic

Several of the world's largest oil companies hope to tap into possible offshore oil and gas reserves as Greenland opened a new round of concessions Tuesday for exploration licenses in the fragile Arctic region. >> Read the Full Article

Darfur Peace Must Address Water Crisis, Economist Says

There is no chance of peace in Darfur unless the region's dire water shortages are tackled as part of a settlement between rebels and the Sudanese government, a top international economist said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

China to Invest $175 Billion in Environment Clean-Up

China plans to invest 1.4 trillion yuan ($175 billion) in environmental protection in the next five years, state media said on Tuesday, to curb water and air pollution so severe it causes riots and health problems. >> Read the Full Article

Honda Uses Ice-Making Plant to Cool Workers

Keeping Honda Motor Co.'s facility in this western Ohio village cool during a heat wave without breaking the bank is as simple as freezing water. >> Read the Full Article