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Environmental Firm Says Peru Amazon Pipeline Project Could Face New Leaks

A natural gas pipeline project in Peru's southern Amazon that has suffered four leaks in its first 15 months of operation could rupture again at six different points due to poor construction. >> Read the Full Article

Report Says Industry Study Withheld Data on Carcinogen

Workplace watchdogs and industry advocates agree: too much hexavalent chromium -- the same chemical at the heart of the movie "Erin Brockovich" -- puts people at risk for lung cancer. >> Read the Full Article

Aboriginal Group Demands Inclusion of Review of MacKenzie Valley Pipeline

An aboriginal group is asking the Federal Court of Canada to temporarily halt an environmental review of a $6-billion natural gas pipeline, which it says could impact its traditional way of life. >> Read the Full Article

Chinese Officials Close Brewery, Distillery over River Pollution Scare

China has closed a brewery and distillery that allegedly polluted a river with grain waste, which fermented into sticky, yellow globs and frightened residents following a spate of chemical spills. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Drops Objections to Chemical Weapon Wastewater Plan

Citing new safety assurances, the Environmental Protection Agency has dropped objections to a plan to treat chemical weapon wastewater at a DuPont Co. plant and discharge it into the Delaware River. >> Read the Full Article

World Lawmakers Set up Global Warming Monitor Group

Lawmakers and business leaders from around the world launched a campaign on Friday to push recalcitrant governments to take action on climate change. >> Read the Full Article

Seychelles Bans Cutting Sharks' Fins

The Seychelles has banned the cutting off of sharks' fins by foreign fishermen to curb a flourishing global trade that is threatening the survival of the sea predator and marine ecosystems. >> Read the Full Article

California Bill Would Bar Toxins in Cell Phones, iPods

California would require manufacturers to phase out the use of hazardous materials in making cell phones, iPods and other electronic devices under a bill introduced by a state lawmaker. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Study Sound, Marine Creatures

The Natural Resources Defense Council and other plaintiffs alleged in a federal lawsuit last fall that the Navy's mid-frequency sonar used for detecting enemy submarines disturbs and sometimes kills whales and dolphins. >> Read the Full Article

Experts Foresaw Tragedy in Philippines

Experts knew the farming village of Guinsaugon sat atop a major earthquake fault and were planning to issue a warning when a landslide buried nearly all its residents. >> Read the Full Article