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Indonesia Struggles to Prepare Amid Warnings of Second Massive Tsunami

Two years after an earthquake off western Indonesia unleashed a monster tsunami, scientists expect the same fault to rupture again within the next few decades -- and this town stands to take the full force of the waves. >> Read the Full Article

Corruption to Blame for China's Worsening Pollution, Official Says

China's top environmental official has blamed corruption for frustrating environmental protection efforts and worsening the country's already severely polluted air and waterways, state media reported Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Water-Short African States Near an Ancient, Elusive Goal: A Pact to Share the Nile

After three years of closed-door talks, nine nations are quietly edging toward a deal to jointly oversee the waters of the Nile, an agreement that has eluded lands along the great river since the days of the pharaohs. >> Read the Full Article

Lawsuit Seeks to Shield Alaska Sea Otter

A conservation group, alarmed at a decrease in the number of sea otters in southwest Alaska, filed a lawsuit in federal court on Tuesday to try to compel the government to designate critical habitat to help the endangered species recover. >> Read the Full Article

In Many Villages, Alaskans Face Physical and Cultural Erosion

Erosion and flooding affect 86 percent -- or 184 -- of 213 Alaska native villages to some degree, according to a 2003 report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is trying to determine which communities need the most help from a network of state and federal agencies. >> Read the Full Article

Armadillos Marching North to Illinois

For years, Lloyd Nelson laughed off as myth reports that armadillos -- those armored, football-sized critters with the big claws and bigger nose -- had waddled their way into southern Illinois, the same place folks say they've seen cougars. >> Read the Full Article

Southeast Asia Hunts Wildlife Poachers

Long outgunned and outmaneuvered by smuggling gangs, the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations agreed last year to form the Wildlife Enforcement Network to combat a black-market trade in plants and animals that generates $10 billion in revenue each year. >> Read the Full Article

Settlers Eyed in Australia Extinctions

Australia's giant prehistoric animals, including 10-foot-tall kangaroos and wombat-like creatures as big as a rhinoceros, were likely wiped out by aboriginal settlers, not climate change, a researcher said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

South Korea Says Dioxin in U.S. Beef Shipment Exceeded Approved Level

South Korea and the United States traded questions Friday over a shipment of U.S. beef found to have included dioxin levels exceeding South Korea's norm, officials said. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Rebut Big Easy Channel Report

A group of scientists accused the Army Corps of Engineers on Thursday of endangering the city's future by failing to take steps to immediately close a shipping channel blamed for widespread flooding during Hurricane Katrina. >> Read the Full Article