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BP Pipeline Woes Preventable, Environmentalists Say

The shutdown of BP's Alaska pipeline came as no surprise to environmentalists, who said Tuesday that oil companies have failed for years to adequately safeguard Alaska's wilderness. >> Read the Full Article

Penguins Corralled on Texas Highway after Accident

Twenty-one penguins were rescued on a hot east Texas highway Tuesday after a truck carrying the wildlife to a temporary home south of Houston overturned, said a state trooper. >> Read the Full Article

Washington Abuzz with Arrival of Snow Leopard Cub

Washington diplomatic circles were abuzz Tuesday with the imminent arrival of a new foreign dignitary -- an orphaned snow leopard from Pakistan. >> Read the Full Article

China to Let Tourists Hunt Endangered Species

China is to auction licences to foreigners to hunt wild animals, including endangered species, a newspaper said on Wednesday. Hunting of animals is popular with Chinese who like to eat exotic meats or use animal parts in medicines for their perceived aphrodisiac or medicinal properties. >> Read the Full Article

Gray Birds Cover 40,000 Miles Annually

Sooty shearwaters may not look like much, but when it comes to travel they put marathoners, cyclists and pretty much everyone else to shame. >> Read the Full Article

Giant Panda Gives Birth to Giant Cub

A giant panda has broken two records in China by giving birth to the heaviest cub born in captivity after the longest period in labour, an exhausting 34 hours, Xinhua news agency said. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists Say Logging Companies Committing Rights Abuses

Multinational logging companies operating in Papua New Guinea are involved in widespread human rights abuses, political corruption and the brutal suppression of workers, environmentalists alleged Monday. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Sees No Gasoline Shortages from Lost Alaska Oil

U.S. motorists will not face shortages of gasoline because of BP Plc's shutdown of its giant Prudhoe Bay oil field in Alaska, even though pump prices may rise, the government's energy forecasting agency said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

After Alaska Disruption, Governors Criticize National Energy Policy

Governors worried about damage to the economy and complained about years of neglect on energy policy after an Alaska oil field shutdown, but offered far different solutions on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Hundreds Watch 'Corpse Flower' Bloom

Hundreds of visitors filed through a Virginia Tech greenhouse to get a glimpse, and a whiff, of a powerfully malodorous "corpse flower" as it bloomed. The plant emits a stench to attract decaying flesh-eating beetles, flies and sweat bees for pollination. >> Read the Full Article