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Wildfire Burns out of Control in California Desert

A 26,000-acre wildfire burned out of control in the California desert Wednesday, threatening thousands of homes after destroying structures in a town used for filming Hollywood westerns. >> Read the Full Article

Lobstermen Can Earn More with Fewer Traps

For lobstermen, harvesting can be summed up in two words: size and traps. Now, a new study by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution finds that lobstermen can earn more with fewer traps. >> Read the Full Article

Washington State Seeks to Bar More Waste from Hanford Nuclear Site

Washington state is appealing a ruling that struck down a voter-approved initiative barring the federal government from accepting more radioactive waste at the Hanford nuclear site. >> Read the Full Article

China Giant Panda Sanctuary Put on UN Heritage List

A bamboo-covered mountainous sanctuary in China which houses nearly a third of the world's last remaining giant pandas was on Wednesday added to the U.N. World Heritage List. >> Read the Full Article

Group Files Lawsuit to Prevent New Grazing Rules

A conservationist group is asking a federal court to block new grazing regulations that it contends would give ranchers more water rights and control over public lands. >> Read the Full Article

EU Proposes Tougher Rules on Pesticides

The European Commission proposed stricter rules Wednesday to regulate the use of pesticides including mandatory record-keeping of their use by farmers and a ban on aerial spraying. >> Read the Full Article

Greenpeace Warns Drift Nets Threatening Mediterranean Marine Life

The environmental group Greenpeace urged Mediterranean countries on Wednesday to crack down on drift net fishing, warning the illegal practice was threatening marine life. >> Read the Full Article

Gore Praises Wal-Mart for Sustainability Plans

Former Vice President Al Gore on Wednesday praised Wal-Mart for a newfound focus on environmental sustainability, saying the retailer showed there is no conflict between the environment and the economy. >> Read the Full Article

'Ferocious Fossils' Found in Australia

Before there were cuddly koalas, hoards of flesh-eating kangaroos, "demon ducks," and marsupial lions roamed Australia's Outback, according to recent fossil discoveries by paleontologists. >> Read the Full Article

Injured China Panda in Blood Plasma Alert

Chinese vets are seeking panda plasma to donate to a giant panda found with a fractured skull and broken legs, probably after a fall into a ravine, state media said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article