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Travel Experts See Worrisome Downside to Ecotourism

Ecotourism may be just as environmentally damaging as traditional travel because of the greenhouse gases vacationers help create when they journey to remote, pristine areas, industry experts warned Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Australian Water Crisis Could Be Worse Than Thought

Water shortages facing Australia's drought-hit prime agricultural area might be worse than expected, the government was told on Wednesday, as river towns braced for unprecedented restrictions on water use. >> Read the Full Article

Sixteen Cities To Go Green Under Clinton Plan

Sixteen cities around the world will begin cutting carbon emissions by renovating city-owned buildings with green technology under a program spearheaded by former President Clinton's foundation. >> Read the Full Article

The Green Lifestyle: Eco-Friendly Techniques for a Healthy Lawn

Organic lawn care is one way to take your property green. But there are a number of moves you can make to make things even more earth-friendly as a responsible gardener and grass manager. >> Read the Full Article

Clean Energy Spending Can Curb Climate Change, WWF Says

The world can avoid the worst effects of climate change with investments in clean energy so long as the wholesale shift from fossil fuels starts within five years, the environmental group WWF said on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Pollution Turning India's Famed Taj Mahal Yellow, Will Require Mud Bath To Clean

The Taj Mahal is getting dirty, and some want to get it even dirtier. The 17th century mausoleum is renowned for the paleness of its marble, but these days it looks more yellow than white. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Urge Half of Canada Forest Be Protected

Canada's vast forests should be protected much more than they are now to preserve wildlife and water and to fight global warming, a group of 1,500 scientists from around the world said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Fecal Bacteria on Rise in Louisiana Bayous

Fecal coliform bacteria, found in human and animal waste, has grown to unsafe levels in some Terrebonne and Lafourche parish area bayous. The bacteria get into local waterways because of nearby cattle farms, the high number of nutria that live in marshes and bayous, and from clogged septic systems at private homes. >> Read the Full Article

Japan Government Panel To Debate Climate Proposals

Japan's key economic panel will discuss private-sector proposals on tackling climate change on Tuesday but will not make them public because of the topic's sensitivity ahead of next month's G8 summit, Economics Minister Hiroko Ota said on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Washington Utility to Build Solar Project

Washington state's oldest utility plans to start building the largest solar project in the region next month, and a municipal utility in a small city known most for its rodeo is enlisting residents' help to expand its energy generation through the sun. >> Read the Full Article