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House Votes to Keep Offshore Oil Drilling Ban; Debates Natural Gas Ban

The House rejected an attempt Thursday to lift a quarter-century congressional ban on offshore oil drilling in coastal waters outside the western Gulf of Mexico amid arguments that new supplies are needed to lower energy prices. >> Read the Full Article

Governments Have Failed to Stop Overfishing, Study Shows

Governments worldwide have failed to prevent overfishing in the oceans, where a proliferation of bottom-trawling threatens to wipe out deep sea species, conservation groups WWF and Traffic said on Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Sri Lanka to Rehab Unruly Elephants

Some of Sri Lanka's wildest, most destructive elephants could get reprieves from possible death sentences -- but they will have to spend some time in rehab first. >> Read the Full Article

Rare American Chestnut Trees Discovered

A stand of American chestnut trees that somehow escaped a blight that killed off nearly all their kind in the early 1900s has been discovered along a hiking trail not far from President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Little White House at Warm Springs. >> Read the Full Article

Gore in Movie Campaign to Protect Earth

Al Gore brushes aside talk of another run for the U.S. presidency and wages a new campaign to protect the Earth that he says must be won. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Weekly: May 15th - 19th

ENN rounds up the most important and compelling environmental news stories of the week. In the news May 15th - 19th: African glaciers, tropical coffee forests, plug-in hybrids, Alaskan reefs, and much more. >> Read the Full Article

Canada's International Reputation in Jeopardy

(By Dr. David Suzuki) Pity poor George W. Bush - the much-maligned president is at an all-time low in the polls. And if Canada's new prime minister wants to stick around, he should learn from Mr. Bush's presidency and avoid making the same mistakes. >> Read the Full Article

Louisiana's 'Gators Appear to Have Weathered Storms

It has been a tough nine months for Louisiana's alligators, what with two major hurricanes wreaking havoc on their swampy habitat, then scant rainfall to dilute the saltwater that gushed inland. >> Read the Full Article

Climate Expert to Lead Talks on Extending Kyoto Deal

A U.N. conference picked a veteran Maltese climate expert on Wednesday to lead talks about how to overcome deep policy splits on global warming and extend the U.N.'s Kyoto Protocol beyond 2012. >> Read the Full Article

China to Fine Movie Crew for Damaging Environment

China will fine the crew of the country's most expensive movie, "The Promise" by Oscar-nominated director Chen Kaige, for damaging the environment in an area of outstanding natural beauty, state media said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article