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Goals of the Exeter Climate Conference

Climate scientists from around the world gathered in southwestern England on Tuesday to discuss the crisis of global warming. They are considering three primary questions. >> Read the Full Article

British Minister Opens International Conference on Climate Change

The British government opened a three-day international conference on climate change Tuesday, insisting that countries can cut carbon emissions without affecting economic growth. >> Read the Full Article

Landfill's Effect on Water Supply a Concern

State environmental officials overlooked the vulnerability of Fall River's water supply when they approved the expansion of a 110-acre landfill, city leaders asserted yesterday. >> Read the Full Article

Salmon Planning Act

The Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition, Wildlife Works, and Hippoworks have joined forces to help inspire people to petition Congress to pass the Salmon Planning Act. >> Read the Full Article

Wind Energy Gains Momentum in Europe: How the Dutch Have Made it Possible

Dutch people have always lived with the forces of wind and water due to the country’s geographic orientation and direct exposure to the North Sea. >> Read the Full Article

How Green Was My Vacation?

Opportunities to travel lightly on the planet do exist, but if you start checking the environmental track record of your destinations, will you ever go? >> Read the Full Article

Great Coffee is Grounds for a Promotion

Why Buy Organic Coffee, Shade Grown Coffee, and Fair Trade Coffee? >> Read the Full Article

Why Whole Wheat is Way Better

The grain, the whole grain and nothing but the grain... >> Read the Full Article

Natural Flu Control

Once the holiday season is over, along with its hectic schedules involving too much to eat and drink but not enough sleep, we need to be especially careful not to catch the flu. >> Read the Full Article

Report: Regional Trading for Ozone Pollution a Model for Greenhouse Gas Markets

State-level action to reduce air pollution through emissions trading is working, according to a new report released by the World Resources Institute at the World Economic Forum. >> Read the Full Article