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Park Closes Lake to Protect Rare Mollusk

Officials have closed one of the park's lakes to swimming in order to protect a small, rare mollusk living there. Biologists say the Rocky Mountain capshell limpet needs the protection in Lost Lake, one of only 17 known homes to the limpet, because swimmers could too easily crush the small creatures. >> Read the Full Article

Sharing Gas Tax Will Help Cities -- An ENN Commentary

Official or not, it seems that our federal politicians are in full-on electioneering mode. Right now, whatever they say and do is being watched very carefully by their opponents and members of the media. Everything is put through an election filter to see how what is being said has been designed to win more votes. >> Read the Full Article

Three Snails Thought Extinct Discovered

Three snails listed as extinct have been rediscovered in the Coosa and Cahaba rivers, the Nature Conservancy announced. Jeff Garner, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources' mollusk biologist, rediscovered the cobble elimia and the nodulose Coosa River snail on a dive in the Coosa River. >> Read the Full Article

Environmental Groups Say Removing Burned Trees from Montana Forest Could Harm Grizzly Bears

Removing trees burned during fires in a national forest could harm grizzly bears in one of the few states where they live outside Alaska, two environmental groups claim in a lawsuit. >> Read the Full Article

House Panel Boosts National Park Spending, Cuts Local Water Projects

A House panel cut federal aid for local water projects but boosted money for National Park Service operations in a bill that devotes $26.2 billion to natural resource programs next year. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Green Building Council Helps Builders and Companies Go Green

More companies are beginning to see the benefits of having energy-efficient buildings and physical plants. >> Read the Full Article

Smithfield Foods Receives Eight Environmental Awards

Executives with Smithfield Foods stood along the Pagan River on Tuesday and remarked how times have changed since 1997 when they faced the largest water pollution fine ever levied against a Virginia company. >> Read the Full Article

FuelCell Energy Power Plant Running on Waste Byproduct to Generate Stable Electricity for Eco-Community

FuelCell Energy Inc. today announced that one of its 250-kilowatt Direct FuelCell power plants, sold by its Asian distributor Marubeni Corporation, will supply power as part of the electric grid servicing a school, a hospital, apartment buildings and city hall in a planned, renewable energy community on the western coast of Japan. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Spices

Do you know where common spices such as allspice and vanilla come from? Organic versions of these popular spices have an interesting genesis. >> Read the Full Article

Soybean Growers Brace for Insect Outbreak

Farmers are bracing for what researchers predict will be the return of an insect that attacks soybeans in the Midwest, where most of the crop is grown. >> Read the Full Article