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BP Starts 'Pigging' Alaska Line

The shutdown of a satellite field on Alaska's North Slope will not stop BP PLC from beginning the process of cleaning out a corroded transit line in the nation's largest oil field. >> Read the Full Article

Canada's Environment Commissioner Calls for Massive Scale Up in Climate Efforts

In a challenge to the Conservative prime minister, Canada's independent environment commissioner called Thursday for stepping up the country's efforts to combat global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Smells Like Trouble: Parasitic Weed Sniffs Out Its Prey

The parasitic dodder plant does not have a nose, but it knows how to sniff out its prey. The dodder attacks such plants as tomatoes, carrots, onions, citrus trees, cranberries, alfalfa and even flowers, and is a problem for farmers because chemicals that kill the pesky weed also damage the crops it feeds on. >> Read the Full Article

Brazil Greens See Tensions if Lula Wins Second Term

With his leftist credentials and background as a factory worker in polluted Sao Paulo, environmentalists had high hopes of Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva when he took office in 2003. >> Read the Full Article

Gore Presents Global-Warming Message at UN Headquarters

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore warned hundreds of U.N. diplomats and staff about the perils of global warming, presenting dramatic images of melting glaciers, rising oceans and parched earth to help spread his environmental message. >> Read the Full Article

U.S.-Mexico Border Fence May Harm Animal Migration

A plan to fence off a third of the U.S. border to stop illegal immigration from Mexico may harm migration routes used by animals including rare birds and jaguars, environmentalists and U.S. authorities warn. >> Read the Full Article

Two of Five Feople Around the World Without Proper Sanitation

Africa is hardest-hit by a global lack of basic sanitation that has left two out of every five people in the world without access to hygienic toilets, according to a new U.N. report. >> Read the Full Article

Fishermen Say Seal Numbers Out of Control

In the waters and beaches off this Cape Cod town, the shiny scalps and whiskered snouts of the gray seal are everywhere. They bask in the sun, mug for boaters and, fisherman say, eat way too many fish. >> Read the Full Article

White House Says No Change on U.S. Carbon Strategy

The Bush administration has no plans to ease its opposition to national limits on greenhouse gas output despite talk that a change may be under consideration, a White House spokeswoman said on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Weekly: September 25th - 29th

ENN rounds up the most important and compelling environmental news stories of the week. In the news September 25th - 29th: A landmark law, the value of northern forests, fences and migration, protecting wetlands from drilling, and much more. >> Read the Full Article