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Scientists Fear Leaping Carp to Invade U.S. Great Lakes

Fish that leap into passing boats may be a fisherman's fantasy, but scientists fear that hyperactive Asian carp will reach the Great Lakes, devour the base of the food chain and spoil drinking water for 40 million people. >> Read the Full Article

El Nino May Affect Africa's Food Supply

Climate change that strengthens the El Nino weather patterns could endanger food supplies for more than 20 million people in Africa, a new study warns. >> Read the Full Article

Report Says Most Reefs Damaged by 2004 Tsunami Will Recover in a Decade

Most coral reefs escaped "serious damage" from the 2004 tsunami and should recover in less than 10 years, though much will depend on local government's protecting marine ecosystems. >> Read the Full Article

Judge in Salmon Case Does Not Dine on the Fish, but Believes in the Law

The man holding the Bush administration's feet to the fire on restoring Columbia Basin salmon, even if it means breaching some hydroelectric dams, doesn't like to eat the Northwest's signature fish. >> Read the Full Article

Chinese Company Manager Fired Following Wastewater Leak that Polluted River

The manager of a chemical company in northern China has been fired because of a wastewater leak that badly polluted a local river, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Sunday. >> Read the Full Article

Cat Parasite a Danger to Otters

A parasite carried in cat droppings may be killing otters off the California coast, possibly explaining why populations of the frisky animals have not recovered from the 19th-century fur trade, researchers said. >> Read the Full Article

President Promotes Nuclear Energy, Plan for Dealing with Radioactive Waste

President Bush on Saturday renewed his push for expansion of nuclear energy and sought support for plans to revive nuclear fuel reprocessing to deal with radioactive waste from commercial power plants. >> Read the Full Article

Heavy Rains, Illegal Logging Blamed for Philippines Landslides

Weather was the easy target for blame in Friday's devastating landslide, but survivors also were pointing at illegal logging as a contributing factor. >> Read the Full Article

Drought Kills Wildlife in East Africa's Sanctuaries, Hits Annual Migration

A searing drought has killed dozens of hippopotamuses and other wild animals in Kenya and neighboring Tanzania, and disrupted the annual migration of wildebeests and zebras between the two East African nations. >> Read the Full Article

Supreme Court to Decide Far-Reaching Wetland Cases

On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in two wetlands cases, the resolution of which could affect millions of acres of swamps, marshes and bogs across the U.S. >> Read the Full Article