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Hawaiian Waters Grow Crowded With Whales

Greg Kaufman says his whale-watching boat was doing everything by the book: cruising below 13 knots and staying 100 yards from any visible humpback as a crew member scanned the ocean atop a lookout. >> Read the Full Article

Foxes Thrive in Urban Britain

Since the 1930s, when the common red fox -- Vulpes vulpes -- started coming to town, Britons have learned to live with a creature whose country cousins were hunted with hounds until the sport was banned last year. >> Read the Full Article

Biologist Aims to Demystify Wolf and Moose

Rolf Peterson has chronicled with endless fascination the not-so-peaceful coexistence between wolves and moose on Isle Royale, a wilderness national park in Lake Superior whose isolation provides a rare setting for predator and prey to interact with minimal human contact. >> Read the Full Article

Power Shortages Force Blackouts in India's Sweltering Capital; Water Supply Hit

Authorities in New Delhi ordered shops to shut early and air conditioners in offices to be switched off in the evening as power supplies to the Indian capital dipped while summer temperatures climbed above 40 degrees Celsius. >> Read the Full Article

Senators, Administration Move to Protect Cape Cod Wind Project

The Bush administration and two influential senators weighed in Friday against a provision that would block a 130-turbine wind farm off Cape Cod, where some of Washington's most powerful have vacation retreats. >> Read the Full Article

Wild Banana Species in India Vanishing

Wild banana species are disappearing in India, the world's biggest producer of the fruit, due to shrinking forests and rapid urbanization, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization has said. >> Read the Full Article

Coral Species Put on 'Threatened' List

Two coral species in Florida and the Caribbean now have a spot on the federal threatened list because of dangers posed by human activity, hurricanes and higher water temperatures. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Fear for Nesting Turtles

Endangered Kemp's ridley sea turtles emerge on South Padre Island, Texas every spring from the Gulf of Mexico, leaving smeary trails of flipper prints from surf through sand to nests where they lay their eggs. >> Read the Full Article

Argentina Takes Battle over Uruguay Mills to Hague

Argentina sued neighboring Uruguay in an international court Thursday over the construction of two giant pulp mills on the Uruguay side of a shared river, which Argentina fears will cause pollution. >> Read the Full Article

Eight New Frog Species Discovered in Laos

Scientists working in Laos say they have discovered eight new species of frogs in the past two years. Among them is one where the male is half the size of the female and another which has a row of spines running down its belly. >> Read the Full Article