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Greens Clash over S. African Elephant Cull Question

A simmering battle over culling elephants has brought to light sharp divisions in the green movement over how to restrain a burgeoning population from outgrowing the confined wilderness of South Africa's parks. >> Read the Full Article

Ten 'Beneficial Bugs' for the Sustainable Garden

As strange as it may seem, many kinds of bugs are a gardener's natural allies in the war against, well...bugs. In your effort to minimize the use of chemicals in your garden, consider the benefits of welcoming the presence of certain insects to help keep the impact of their peskier counterparts in check. >> Read the Full Article

PNC Bank Takes Green Approach

PNC Bank has made integrating its business practices with environmental responsibility a top priority. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Car Sharing

Car sharing can help the environment, and save money. >> Read the Full Article

Canon U.S.A. Receives 2005 Energy Star Partner of the Year Award

Canon U.S.A., Inc., a subsidiary of Canon Inc., has been named an Energy Star Partner of the Year -- Manufacturer for contributions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by designing and promoting energy-efficient products. >> Read the Full Article

EPA to Let Utilities Trade Mercury Emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency will issue a rule Tuesday to cut U.S. utilities' emissions of toxic mercury through a cap-and-trade system, The Washington Post reported in Tuesday editions. >> Read the Full Article

An End to Dead-Fish Dumps Signals a Step toward a Healthier Hood Canal

The eggs were valuable. The filets were not. When Skokomish tribal fishermen couldn't profit from the tons of chum salmon they caught, they threw most of the dead fish into Hood Canal, where they figured crabs would eat them. >> Read the Full Article

Rains Prompt Rare Wildflower Display in Death Valley

A rare burst of color is softening the stark landscape of Death Valley, with clusters of purple, pink and white wildflowers dotting the black basalt mountainsides and great swaths of golden blooms bordering the blinding white salt flats on the valley floor. >> Read the Full Article

Thailand Seeking Water from Neighbors to Ease Drought

Thailand is negotiating with neighboring countries to divert water from rivers flowing through their territory to help ease severe seasonal droughts, officials said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists Call on World Bank to Abandon Laotian Dam Project

About 100 environmental activists and villagers burned an effigy of World Bank President James D. Wolfensohn in the Thai capital Monday, demanding that the bank scrap a US$1.3 billion (euro969 million) dam project in neighboring Laos. >> Read the Full Article