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U.S. Supreme Court Debates Pollution Cleanup Lawsuits

The U.S. Supreme Court considered this week whether companies that voluntarily seek to clean up their polluted land can sue former owners to get help with the costs. The case could have important ramifications for communities with abandoned toxic plants, landfills, and mines. >> Read the Full Article

Oil Companies Try to Clean Up Spills in the Wake of Ivan, but Rough Weather Interferes

Rough seas forced pipeline and oil rig repair crews out of the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday, delaying efforts to get the nation's oil and natural gas infrastructure on track after Hurricane Ivan. >> Read the Full Article

Wasting the West: How Welfare Ranchers and Their Livestock Are Damaging Public Land

Twenty years ago, much of the public land around the San Pedro River in southeastern Arizona resembled the barren and desolate landscape found in a Sub-Saharan desert. >> Read the Full Article

Indian Elephants Fight Losing Battle with Humans

It is an unexpected headache for the Indian army, an unlikely embarrassment for the government, and an unwelcome challenge for the railways department. >> Read the Full Article

Myanmar Leader Says More than Half of Country Is Forested, Despite Concerns About Deforestation

Myanmar's prime minister said Thursday that forests cover more than half of the country and trees are being replaced faster than they are being cut down, despite concerns the country is suffering the fastest deforestation in Southeast Asia. >> Read the Full Article

NYC Mayor to Announce New Plan to Ship Trash Out of City on Barges

New York's trash, 11,000 tons a day, will be hauled out of state on barges under a 20-year plan being proposed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the New York Times reported Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Bomb-Grade Plutonium Convoy to Cross France

A heavily guarded convoy of vehicles believed to be transporting U.S. weapons-grade plutonium left a plant in northern France on Thursday for a recycling factory 1,000 km (660 miles) southeast. >> Read the Full Article

Three Emerging Technologies Could Help Improve Water Conservation

The sprinklers at John Koeller's Yorba Linda home seem to have a life of their own. >> Read the Full Article

Oil Costs Will Affect All

Oil prices topped $53 a barrel Thursday, an abstract figure that will trickle down to nearly everything consumers use — from fresh food to a warm home to gifts for the upcoming holidays. >> Read the Full Article

Japan Is More Confident on CITES Whale Vote

Japan is confident it can secure the votes needed to resume commercial trade in whale products and that this would be a step toward lifting a ban on hunting the marine giants, a Japanese official said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article