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Ask Umbra: As the World Learns

A new-to-the-movement greenie wonders how enviro sage Umbra Fisk is able to keep well-informed on the major issues. Fisk suggests some great green resources and asks readers for their own faves in Ask Umbra, on the Grist Magazine website. >> Read the Full Article

Yucca Mountain E-mails Not Likely to Discredit Project, DOE Concluded

Energy Department officials concluded last month that e-mails by Yucca Mountain workers talking about making up data "are not likely to discredit or bring into question" key scientific conclusions about the proposed nuclear waste dump site, according to internal department documents. >> Read the Full Article

Federal, State Officials Sign 50-Year Plan to Protect Colorado River

Water officials from California, Arizona and Nevada joined the federal government Monday in enacting a 50-year plan to protect the lower Colorado River and ensure states are able to get enough water and power from it. >> Read the Full Article

On <i>Beyond Organic</i>: A World Without Water

In "Dune," the science fiction classic, intergalactic conspiracies, wars and murder were all a result of a lack of water. In this age of international economic growth and prosperity, access to water is an increasingly serious problem both in developing nations and here in the United States as well. >> Read the Full Article

Panamanian Shipping Company to Pay $25 Million for Dumping Waste around U.S.

A Panamanian shipping line has pleaded guilty to more than two dozen counts of illegal waste dumping around the United States and was ordered to pay $25 million (euro19.4 million) in one of the largest fines ever imposed on an ocean polluter. >> Read the Full Article

From Ocean Depths, Air Conditioning for the Tropics

The turquoise blue waters surrounding Hawaii's emerald green isles have long been a source of food and recreation. Now the chilly waters deep below the ocean's surface are being eyed as a source of cool relief from the tropical heat. >> Read the Full Article

China Announces Plan to Move 400,000 People for Giant Water-Diversion Project

China announced plans Tuesday to relocate 400,000 people to make way for a US$60 billion (euro50 billion) network of canals to supply its dry north with water from the wetter south. >> Read the Full Article

GM Rolls Out World's First Fuel-Cell Truck

General Motors Corp. rolled out the world's first drivable fuel cell truck Friday and handed over the keys to an exacting patron: the Army. >> Read the Full Article

Scientist Sees 'Collision Course' with Agricultural Manure Issue

Great Lakes research was the dominant theme of the Ohio Academy of Science's 114th annual meeting at Bowling Green State University yesterday, generating a familiar A-to-Z discussion of issues ranging from algae to zebra mussels. >> Read the Full Article

'Harry Potter' Publisher Pledges U.K. Print Run on Recycled Paper

J.K. Rowling's publisher Bloomsbury announced that the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be printed on 30% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. >> Read the Full Article