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Lying about Environmentalists -- An ENN Commentary

In the wake of the Indian Ocean tsunami, some were horrified to read that environmentalists had tried to capitalize on the tragedy to score points on the global warming issue. Problem was, the reports were based on mischaracterization – and in some cases outright misrepresentation – of what environmentalists had actually said. >> Read the Full Article

Kyoto Protocol Spurs Race to Develop Fuel Cells

Competition to develop fuel cells for practical use is intensifying with the coming into effect of the Kyoto Protocol obliging developed countries to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. >> Read the Full Article

Utility Pollution Bill Stalls in Senate

A Bush administration plan to cut air pollution from coal-fired power plants failed to pass the Senate Environment Committee Wednesday, a setback for a bill that critics said favors the utility industry over public health. >> Read the Full Article

Grants Available to Agriculture Sustainable Economy Practitioners and Researchers

The Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) organization provides lucrative grants to researchers and those in the agriculture business to promote sustainable economy practices. >> Read the Full Article

Mining Company in Court Battle with Peruvian Villagers Over 2000 Mercury Spill

Newmont Mining Corp. is again squaring off against Peruvian villagers over a 2000 mercury spill near South America's largest gold mine. >> Read the Full Article

Saving at the Pump

With oil prices holding steady at more than $50 per barrel, gas prices have headed well north of $2 in most of the US and could hit $3 in the nation's typically high-price areas this summer. >> Read the Full Article

New Report from Alliance to Save Energy Documents Solutions to Rising Industrial Energy Costs

Manufacturers whose bottom lines are threatened by today’s rising energy costs will benefit from the solutions to be offered by Energy Management Pathfinding, a new report from the Alliance to Save Energy. >> Read the Full Article

Open Season on Cats in Wisconsin?

A proposal that would allow hunters in Wisconsin to shoot and kill feral cats is causing, well, a hissy fit. "It's entirely cruel behavior to have an open season on cats. Just because a cat doesn't have a collar doesn't mean a cat has no owners," said Jessica Frohman, community outreach and policy coordinator for Alley Cat Allies, a group which espouses no-kill methods of controlling wild felines. >> Read the Full Article

Developer Drops Plans for Tire-Burning Power Plant amid Intense Opposition

A businessman has abandoned plans to build a tire-burning power plant in southeastern Minnesota, saying he was giving up in the face of mounting pressure from opponents and requirements for a costly environmental study. >> Read the Full Article

China Raises Environmental Bar for Heavy Industry

China is raising the environmental bar on the construction of heavily polluting factories and plants in a move that could bolster efforts to limit investment and cool the economy. >> Read the Full Article