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Bush Touts Technology to Solve Energy Problems, Admits Being Powerless to Curb Prices

President Bush is not immune to being pestered about high energy costs -- even during lunch with a group of soldiers in Texas. "Why don't you lower gasoline prices, Mr. President?" one of them asked the other day. "I wish I could. If I could, I would," Bush replied. >> Read the Full Article

Ivory Billed Woodpecker, Feared Extinct, Isn't

The ivory-billed woodpecker, long feared extinct, has been seen in a remote part of Arkansas 60 years after the last confirmed U.S. sighting, ornithologists said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Air Pollution Lower, Still a Threat, Report Says

Fewer Americans have had to breathe unhealthy levels of smog or microscopic soot in recent years, but air pollution remained a threat in counties where more than half the nation lives, the American Lung Association said in an annual report Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Standing Room Only at New Australian Cemetery

It will be standing room only for those being buried at a new Australian cemetery that aims to provide cheap, environmentally friendly burials. >> Read the Full Article

SBC California Joins the California Climate Action Registry

SBC California, subsidiary of telecom giant SBC, has joined a group of corporate environmental leaders as a new member of the California Climate Action Registry. >> Read the Full Article

Cousteau Grandson Backs Windmill Park Plan

The grandson of marine scientist Jacques Cousteau is backing a proposal to build an energy producing windmill park in the Atlantic Ocean, four miles south of Long Island. >> Read the Full Article

Turning Rotten Garbage into Gold

If it is buried long enough, even garbage can start smelling like money. With that in mind, the Trans-Jordan Landfill in West Jordan is tapping into a treasure trove of natural gas produced by the slowly decaying layers of buried baby diapers, discarded spaghetti noodles, soggy grass clippings and used coffee grinds. >> Read the Full Article

New Environment-Friendly Technology Developed

The painting industry was regarded during the bubble economy as a typical example of a dirty and dangerous industry and treated as a nuisance to the environment. But painting artisans' skills developed in the city of Higashi-Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, are going to bear fruit as new environmentally friendly technologies. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Government Agrees to Consider Federal Protection for Two Rare Plants in U.S. Virgin Islands

The U.S. government agreed to rule on whether two plants species found only in the U.S. Virgin Islands should be placed under federal protection, settling a lawsuit Tuesday with an environmental group. >> Read the Full Article

Kangaroo Leather Sales Bill Advances in California

California lawmakers gave initial approval Tuesday to a bill that would lift the state's blanket ban on the sale of products made from kangaroo leather. >> Read the Full Article