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U.S. University Ends Chimp Research, Retires Animals

Ohio State University said on Tuesday it was closing its chimpanzee research program and sending its remaining nine chimps to a refuge where they will no longer be used for research. >> Read the Full Article

Lights May Dim on Olympics

Britain's energy supply will be so fragile by 2012 that the Olympics could be marred by power cuts, experts warned. Almost eight out of 10 said blackouts could be a "major issue" for the London games. >> Read the Full Article

China Warns Officials against Covering up Pollution

China has warned local environmental protection officials that they will be punished if they allow or cover up damage to the environment in favour of economic growth, state media said on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Forest Service Eager to Study Wolverine

The U.S. Forest Service has trapped the first wolverine ever captured and fitted with a radio collar in the Pacific Northwest. >> Read the Full Article

China Makes Stable Energy Supplies Top Priority for Economic Planning

China needs new technologies and more diverse sources of energy to ensure adequate, sustainable power for its booming economy -- a challenge offering new opportunities for foreign investment and cooperation. >> Read the Full Article

On <I>Beyond Organic</I> -- Combating Global Warming with... Community

If rising sea levels, melting glaciers and intensifying tropical storms have you shouting at all those in power who are still ignoring global warming, take heart. >> Read the Full Article

Anti-Whaling Ship Hits Diplomatic Squall

The 657-ton Farley Mowat -- flying the skull-and-crossbones like a modern pirate ship -- stalked Japanese ships hunting minke whales through the huge waves of the Southern Ocean. >> Read the Full Article

Maui Mayor Wants Sand Exports to End

Hoping to slow the flow of sand off his island, Mayor Alan Arakawa has asked the Maui County Council to look at a moratorium on exporting sand. >> Read the Full Article

Rising Energy Costs Illuminate Surging Fluorescent Bulb Market

The lighting industry has created a brighter, cheaper compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs, that seem to be catching on among homeowners determined to trim high energy expenses. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Fear Leaping Carp to Invade U.S. Great Lakes

Fish that leap into passing boats may be a fisherman's fantasy, but scientists fear that hyperactive Asian carp will reach the Great Lakes, devour the base of the food chain and spoil drinking water for 40 million people. >> Read the Full Article