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Conservationists to Convert Pesky Prairie Dogs into Valuable Farm Tools in Northern Mexico

Conservationists have bought 46,000 acres of desert grasslands in northern Mexico in an effort to show the black-tailed prairie dog -- seen as a pest in much of the western United States -- can help grazing lands thrive. >> Read the Full Article

MTBE Gas Additive Protection, DeLay at Center of Energy Debate

Embattled House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is being challenged by Democrats on one of his top priorities -- protecting makers of the gasoline additive MTBE from liability lawsuits, an issue that blocked energy legislation two years ago. >> Read the Full Article

Wal-Mart to Fund Wildlife Habitat

Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, pledged Tuesday to spend $35 million compensating for wildlife habitat lost nationwide beneath its corporate "footprint." >> Read the Full Article

Norway's Statoil Shuts Down Oil Drilling Rig After Arctic Oil Spill

Oil exploration drilling from the offshore rig Eirik Raude has been shut down after its third spill into ecologically fragile Arctic waters in just over two months, Statoil ASA announced Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Whole Foods, Nation's Biggest Organic and Natural Food Seller, to Enter Milwaukee Market

The nation's largest seller of organic and natural foods will open a Milwaukee supermarket, launching a powerful niche player into the area's grocery business, and creating a new retail anchor for an east side neighborhood. >> Read the Full Article

Report Shows Good Progress on Small Grain Planting in Iowa

When Dan and Pat Kubik planted 25 acres of organic flax a little more than a week ago, the couple had their doubts. >> Read the Full Article

EU Considers Suspending U.S. Corn Gluten Imports in Biotech Dispute

The European Union is considering suspending imports of corn gluten animal feed from the United States worth 347 million euros ($450 million) a year after shipments of an unauthorized genetically modified corn were sent to the EU, a spokesman said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Global-Warming Experts Address 100 Loggers

Some experts say global warming is changing wooded regions across the nation, and Northwest timber industry workers are among those following the phenomenon amid concern it could eventually affect their livelihoods. >> Read the Full Article

Japanese Whaling Ships Leave for Controversial Research Hunt off Northern Coast

Six ships left a port in northern Japan on Monday for a whale hunt in an offshore research program that critics have denounced as a cover for commercial whaling. >> Read the Full Article

On <i>Beyond Organic</i>: Organic Marijuana

About two months ago, California's Mendocino County petitioned the state to allow regulation and certification of organic marijuana farms. >> Read the Full Article