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Ethanol's Sweet Allure

A blizzard of crushed husks stings the eyes. A sickly-sweet smell of fermenting alcohol assaults the nose. It's harvest time, and the busy Sao Martinho sugar mill is grinding out energy independence. Next year, Brazil expects to say goodbye to oil imports. Sugar cane is a big reason why. >> Read the Full Article

Terruride Bluegrass Festival to Feature Renewable, Corn-Based Serviceware

Despite anticipated record crowds at the annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival, fans will leave behind significantly less refuse than other events, thanks to an innovative approach to waste reduction that includes the use of corn-based plastic bottles, cups and plates. >> Read the Full Article

Yamaha Motor Company Subsidizes Eco-Commuting

Yamaha Motor Co., the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, has introduced an eco-commute program for its employees. >> Read the Full Article

Bank of America Receives 2005 Climate Champion Award

Bank of America Corporation today announced that it received the 2005 Climate Champion award for advancing corporate solutions to global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Group Sounds Alarm Over Trapped Dolphins

From Southeast Asia to the Black Sea, fishing nets have become deathtraps for thousands of whales, dolphins and porpoises -- species whose survival will be threatened unless fishing methods change, the World Wildlife Fund said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

River Cleanup Activists Count Their Blessings

Abandoned cars and tires and other assorted flotsam and jetsam were once all you could count on finding in the Bronx River. But starting at noon tomorrow, more than 100 scientists and volunteers will spend 24 hours counting great blue herons, snowy egrets, muskrats and flowering dogwoods along the river's banks. >> Read the Full Article

Massachusetts Governor Declares Red Tide a Disaster

Gov. Mitt Romney on Thursday declared a state of emergency because of the red tide bloom off the coast of Massachusetts, a move that allows the state to seek federal disaster aid for the shellfish industry. >> Read the Full Article

Policy Debate: Power Plants on Navajo Land

In a region quickly becoming known as another "Cancer Alley," the Navajo Nation is gaining air emissions control over two power plants on tribal land. After years of litigation and negotiations, the power plants, in New Mexico and Arizona, have agreed to recognize the sovereignty of the Navajo Nation and its right to control air emissions. >> Read the Full Article

Climate Changes Spur Plan for Alaska Village Move

With sea ice shrinking, permafrost thawing and sea storms becoming more frequent, residents of a remote Eskimo village in Alaska are preparing to move their entire community to more solid ground within four years, officials said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

California Forest Cameras Snoop on Wildlife

A 30-acre patch of forest near Idyllwild has been outfitted with robotic cameras and other high-tech gadgets that spy on wildlife, trees and even roots as part of a pioneering effort by scientists to take nature's pulse. >> Read the Full Article