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Healing Plants Found in Threatened Borneo Forest, WWF Says

Plants thought to help treat or cure cancer, AIDS and malaria have been found in the rainforests of Borneo, a report from the Swiss-based global conservation group WWF said on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Ford to Promote Green Investments to Consumers

Ford Motor Co. said it will give consumers concerned about harmful greenhouse emissions an opportunity to invest in clean energy projects via a new Web Site that will calculate suggested investments based on the amount of carbon dioxide produced while driving. >> Read the Full Article

California Seal Pups Beat Kids in Battle over Beach

A school of about 200 harbor seals has emerged victorious in the battle between those who want to protect one of California's top seal-spotting places and those who cherish the "Children's Pool," a cove built 70 years ago to give tots a safe place to swim. >> Read the Full Article

Say You’re Sorry

(By Peter H. Gleick) My kids deserve an apology from the global warming “skeptics.” For longer than my kids have been alive, these skeptics have intentionally muddied the climate change debate, confusing the public, misleading policymakers, and successfully delaying any meaningful action to develop solutions. >> Read the Full Article

Wyoming Hopes to Create a Conservation Corps of Its Own, Although Idea Sparking Controversy

The open space and snow-capped mountains of scenic Wyoming attract plenty of young volunteers to work outdoors in conservation programs. The problem is, most of them aren't coming from Wyoming. >> Read the Full Article

Federal Judge Strikes Down U.S. Forest Service Rules on Public Comment

A federal judge struck down regulations that limited the public's ability to challenge U.S. Forest Service decisions on timber sales and other projects. >> Read the Full Article

No Criminal Charges in Yucca E-Mail Controversy

The U.S. attorney's office will not pursue criminal charges over allegations of paperwork fraud by government scientists on the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump in Nevada. >> Read the Full Article

Canada Backs Breakaway Six-Nation Climate Group

Canada's new Conservative government, which is openly skeptical about the Kyoto climate change protocol, said Tuesday it backs a breakaway group of six nations that favor a voluntary approach to cutting emissions of greenhouse gases. >> Read the Full Article

Make Room for the River: Restoring the Danube Delta

Swollen by heavy rain and melting snow, the Danube River — Europe’s second longest river behind the Volga — hit its highest level in Romania in 111 years in April, swamping ports and thousands of hectares of farmland. >> Read the Full Article

Eco-Friendly Belize Wary of Oil Fever

Some worry that Belize's reputation as a pristine tourist haven -- with its barrier reef declared a world heritage site by the United Nations -- could be ruined by further oil exploration. >> Read the Full Article