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Small Nuclear War Could Lead to Cooldown

Some of the scientists who first advanced the controversial "nuclear winter" theory more than two decades ago have come up with another bleak forecast: Even a regional nuclear war would devastate the environment. >> Read the Full Article

South Africa Delays Endangered Apes' Return to Cameroon

South Africa's government has delayed the return to Cameroon this week of four endangered gorillas smuggled to Malaysia four years ago, the group organising the transfer said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Fishing Businesses Decry Large Mine Proposed for Alaska

A large mine in the heart of some of the best salmon and trout fishing in the world is a fly fisherman's worst nightmare, says an official of a trade association. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Changing Fuel Economy Estimates

The Environmental Protection Agency on Monday issued new testing procedures that will cause fuel economy estimates on the stickers of new vehicles to drop an average of 12 percent for city driving on most 2008 model year vehicles, and 8 percent for highway driving. >> Read the Full Article

'Greenest' U.S. City Faces Same Problems as Others

From an urban forest infused with hiking trails to wetlands housing endangered plants and animals, the natural beauty of Eugene, Oregon, provides a scenic backdrop befitting America's greenest city. >> Read the Full Article

Nissan Planning New Fuel-Cell Vehicle for Early 2010s

Nissan Motor Co. announced plans Monday to launch a next-generation fuel cell vehicle in the early 2010s in Japan and North America as part of its mid-term environmental strategy. >> Read the Full Article

SMS Can Tell You if Fish Is Endangered

South African diners whose environmentalism is as discerning as their palates now can turn to technology to help make the right menu choices. >> Read the Full Article

Mideast May Save Dead Sea With Red Sea

Officials from Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Authority met along the shores of the Dead Sea to settle details of a study to save the shrinking body of water, agreeing to proceed with plans to draw water from the Red Sea. >> Read the Full Article

Two Still Fighting Dump Near Joshua Tree

From their trailer in the middle of the desert, Larry and Donna Charpied two-finger typed the first lawsuit they filed to stop Los Angeles County from putting one of the nation's biggest dumps on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park. And won. >> Read the Full Article

Vast African Lake Levels Dropping Fast

At Jinja pier the rusty red hull of a Lake Victoria freighter sat barely afloat in water just six feet deep _ and dropping. "The scientists have to explain this," said ship's engineer Gabriel Maziku. >> Read the Full Article