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Study Says Polar Bears May Turn to Cannibalism

Polar bears in the southern Beaufort Sea may be turning to cannibalism because longer seasons without ice keep them from getting to their natural food, a new study by American and Canadian scientists has found. >> Read the Full Article

China Three Gorges Activist Beaten, Rights Group Says

A Chinese activist who has spent years petitioning over resettlement terms for those displaced by the giant Three Gorges Dam was beaten up just after being called in by police, a rights group said on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

On <I>Beyond Organic</I> -- Comfort Food: Traditions and Alternatives

Join host Jerry Kay, as we discuss the emotional, nutritional and even biological connections that we have with comfort cuisine, learn about healthy alternatives and see how Slow Food USA is mapping America’s traditional regional foods. >> Read the Full Article

California Appeals Court to Hear Arguments on Proposed Biodefense Lab

An appeals court hears arguments Tuesday about whether the government should be allowed to open a laboratory in California to test lethal agents including HIV, plague and anthrax in simulations of terrorist attacks. >> Read the Full Article

New Video Shows Harpooned Whales Take Too Long to Die, Animal Rights Groups Say

A whale hit with an explosive-tipped harpoon takes two and a half minutes to die -- a timeframe unacceptable for even farmyard livestock, animal rights activists said Tuesday, citing gruesome new video evidence. >> Read the Full Article

Beijing Orders a Day without Cars, Elevators, Air Conditioning for Civil Servants

The Chinese government has ordered civil servants to do without cars, elevators and air conditioning on Tuesday as part of an energy-saving awareness campaign, state media said. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Government Plans to Phase out Use of Common Pesticide on Fruit, Other Crops

The federal government plans to phase out a common pesticide that has been used on apples, pears and other crops since the late 1950s, acting amid complaints from environmental groups that the chemical poisons farmworkers. >> Read the Full Article

Gore to Train 1,000 to Spread Word about Climate

Al Gore hopes to train 1,000 messengers he hopes will spread out across the country and present a slide show about global warming that captures the essence of his Hollywood documentary and book. >> Read the Full Article

Biologists, Criminalists are Developing 'CSI'-Type Standards to Catch Underwater Perps

When death strikes a coral reef, whether from an oil spill off Mexico or sediment unleashed by a dam bursting in Hawaii, marine biologists know what to look for, but not how to document and preserve their findings so they will hold up in court. >> Read the Full Article

Bird Flu Fear Doesn't Deter Alaska's Hunters

At the Apugauti ceremony to celebrate the capture of a bowhead whale during the spring, the men and women of the Patkotak whaling crew serve the traditional nigliq soup made with harvested geese, rice, onions and flavored with curry powder. >> Read the Full Article