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Feds to Increase California No-Fishing Zones

Federal authorities have unveiled a proposal to double the size of no-fishing zones around the Channel Islands off Southern California to protect marine life. >> Read the Full Article

Dying Salt Marshes Puzzle Scientists

Pockmarked muck blots this formerly lush marsh on Cape Cod, and a creek carves off eroded chunks along its edges. Dead plant roots jut from barren mud once covered with wavy mats of marsh hay. >> Read the Full Article

Caviar, Oil Targeted by Caspian Protection Plan

Caviar lovers may benefit from a five-nation deal entering into force from Saturday meant to clean up the badly polluted Caspian Sea. >> Read the Full Article

Cold Can't Stop Alaska Sewage Composting

Over the years, utility officials in a community 120 miles south of the Arctic Circle practiced "aerated static pile composting" and now turn waste into a product so highly desired they can't make enough to satisfy requests. >> Read the Full Article

Pigeons Beam Air Quality Info to Blog

Pigeons with backpacks and cell phones will be taking to the sky and sending air quality data to a blog as part of a whimsical project that blends science, art and activism. >> Read the Full Article

NYC Professor Promotes Urban Fish Farm

In the basement of an ivy-covered building on the surprisingly leafy campus of Brooklyn College is something even more surprising: thousands of tilapia packed tighter than a subway car into 300-gallon fiberglass fish tanks. >> Read the Full Article

Curbs on Mercury Only Dent Global Threat

Mercury built into older-model U.S. vehicles will be removed before they are melted down for scrap under an agreement announced Friday, putting a small dent in a worsening global environmental threat. >> Read the Full Article

August 7th - 11th

ENN rounds up the most important and compelling environmental news stories of the week. In the news August 7th - 11th: A pipeline leak, hunting endangered species, FEMA trailer problems, crumbling Alps, and much more. >> Read the Full Article

China Delays Animal Hunt Licence Auction

China on Friday postponed an auction that would have allowed foreign companies to bid for licences to hunt wild animals following a public backlash, state media reported. >> Read the Full Article

Georgia Drought Halts Boats, but Not Gators

A dry spell has lowered the water level dramatically in the Okefenokee Swamp, hindering motor boats and canoes, raising the danger of wildfires and forcing alligators to crowd into the deeper pools in search of fish. >> Read the Full Article