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Canada Liberal Leader Says He Won't Kill Oil Industry

The new leader of Canada's opposition Liberal party, who wants to cut emissions of greenhouse gases blamed for global warming, said his plans to improve the environment would not kill the booming oil industry. >> Read the Full Article

The Truth about Toxics

Black mold. Pesticides. Mercury. Radon. The list of toxics in our environment can seem endless and overwhelming. But which risks are real and which are overblown media creations? Two experts say that’s a question worth asking, and they’ve set out to provide some answers. >> Read the Full Article

Nepal Court Orders Protection for Threatened Rhino

Nepal's Supreme Court has ordered the government to increase security in the country's biggest rhino reserve after local media reported that at least 10 of the animals have been killed since July, an official said. >> Read the Full Article

German High-Tech Sky Sail May Cut Costs, Emissions

Putting a harness on ocean winds, a German shipping company plans to unfurl a giant high-tech kite over a cargo ship next year to boost the vessel's propulsion and to conserve fuel. >> Read the Full Article

Flowers in Alps, Bears Can't Sleep as Winter Waits

Flowers are blooming on the slopes of Alpine ski resorts and bears are having trouble hibernating in Siberia amid a late start to winter that may be a portent of global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Moose Expansion Expected in Adirondacks

State conservation officials say the Adirondacks are on the verge of a moose boom, just like New Hampshire and Vermont, evidenced in part by a recent spate of collisions with cars. That doesn't mean you can just tromp to a likely spot to see Bullwinkle yet, though you may find a calling card underfoot. >> Read the Full Article

Far from Tropics, Idaho Scientists Experiment with Ornamental Fish Farming

As pollution controls become more stringent and cold-water spring flows decline, aquaculturists in Idaho, the U.S. leader in rainbow trout production at 44 million pounds annually, have seen the value of their trout fall 5 percent to $35.3 million since 1999, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. >> Read the Full Article

Radioactive Find Prompts Survey of Area

Six areas of overgrown, radioactive dirt mounds have been found east of the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, prompting plans to survey all of the 6,463-acre West Kentucky Wildlife Management area to see if there are more. >> Read the Full Article

Gulf Stream Slowed Ten Percent in Little Ice Age

The Gulf Stream carrying warm water to the North Atlantic slowed about 10 percent in the Little Ice Age from 1200 to 1850, said a U.S. study published on Wednesday that may give clues to the effects of modern global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Uruguay to Have Troops Guard Disputed Pulp Mill

Uruguay said Wednesday it would send troops to guard a disputed pulp mill on the border with Argentina and asked a world court to force Argentina to end roadblocks by anti-mill protesters. >> Read the Full Article