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Crowded India Cities Face Conflict on Cows

In largely Hindu India, where many animals are revered as sacred, the cow has always held a special place. >> Read the Full Article

On 100th Anniversary, Western Hemisphere's Last Island Penal Colony Welcomes New Prisoners

Marking the 100th anniversary of the Western hemisphere's last functioning island penal colony, Mexico's Islas Marias penitentiary welcomed about 90 new prisoners, the latest bid to revive an island facility that was once slated for closure. >> Read the Full Article

Plan to Drain Lake in North Dakota Nears Completion, but Canada Has Environmental Concerns

The goal posts of the former high school football field here stand as buoys in a marshy swamp, marking the edge of a burgeoning lake that was nine miles from this town just a decade ago. >> Read the Full Article

Tsunami Rebuilding Stalls as Survivors Confront Government Delays, Political Squabbling

Political squabbling, donor demands and government indecision have stalled the building of roads, water treatment plants and nearly 180,000 homes for survivors of last December's tsunami. >> Read the Full Article

Rare Mexican Gray Wolf Caught in N.M. Trap

An endangered Mexican gray wolf that was part of a cattle-killing pack has been captured in the Gila National Forest. Six wild-born puppies, possibly wolf-dog hybrids, were euthanized. >> Read the Full Article

Future Unclear on $2 Billion-a-Year U.S. Land Reserve

A vast amount of fragile land set aside for a taxpayer-funded conservation program that pays U.S. farmers $2 billion a year is about to lose its protected status, and environmentalists are demanding changes to bring more soil, water and wildlife benefits at a lower cost. >> Read the Full Article

U.N. to Start Marathon in Bonn to Widen Kyoto

A U.N. meeting in Germany next week will start a marathon bid to extend the U.N.'s Kyoto protocol on fighting global warming and persuade the United States and developing nations to take part from 2012. >> Read the Full Article

California Judge Sides with Conservationists Opposed to Building Thousands of Homes Near Tahoe

A judge has sided with conservationists trying to block construction of thousands of homes north of Lake Tahoe, saying a local development plan "builds in opportunities to create environmental mischief" and violates California law. >> Read the Full Article

Portuguese Police Investigated Real Estate Deal Approved by Prime Minister

Police are investigating a real estate deal in which the environment minister -- now Portugal's prime minister -- gave the go-ahead in 2001 to chop down 700 protected cork trees to build houses, a sports complex and a shopping mall, the newspaper Publico said Saturday. >> Read the Full Article

As Chinese Living Standards Rise, So Does Demand for Decent Toilets

It's an image that Shanghai's aggressively modern leaders want to shed: people rinsing out their chamber pots in alleys in the shadows of ultramodern skyscrapers. >> Read the Full Article