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As Pace of Logging Picks up, Some in North Woods are Alarmed

Logging trucks often outnumber cars on the roads between the Canadian border and this city built around paper, pulp and lumber mills. But some North Country residents worry the trucks will be gone in a generation, along with the working forest and the mills, because of indiscriminate logging and creeping development. >> Read the Full Article

Socially Responsible Investing: FTSE4Good Index Series

Many investors want to know that the companies that they put their money into are good corporate citizens, and are stewards for a better environment. >> Read the Full Article

Xerox to Cut Greenhouse Emissions by 10%

It's becomming more commonplace to see very large companies proclaim a commitment to the environment in general and to reducing greenhouse gases in particular. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Weekly: May 2nd - 6th

ENN's editors summarize the most compelling environmental and sustainable economy themes of the week. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio Review

This week EarthNews Radio brought you interviews with information about greener consumer products -- including how to identify them and how they're grown -- and the battle to make some of them legal and accepted. >> Read the Full Article

Even Used, Some Prius Hybrid Cars Selling for above Sticker Price

Sheila Catoira wanted a fuel-efficient Toyota Prius hybrid so badly, she found a used model online and paid $1,000 more than the car would have cost new. With the demand for a gas-electric Prius far outstripping supply, some buyers are plunking down a premium for cars that are thousands of miles old. >> Read the Full Article

Gasoline Would Be Cheaper if Oil Companies Used More Ethanol, Report Says

Reluctance by big oil companies to blend more ethanol in their gasoline costs consumers 5 to 8 cents a gallon at the pump, a report claims. >> Read the Full Article

University Initiative Urges Students Not to Dump Usable Items

Anna N. Larson noticed her freshman year that St. Lawrence University students were leaving overflowing trash bins, frequently discarding usable items in their rush to leave campus. >> Read the Full Article

Trout Unlimited Advocates Renewal of Mine Cleanup Fund

The national conservation group Trout Unlimited on Tuesday urged Congress to approve a long-term extension of the tax that funds the cleanup of abandoned coal mines. >> Read the Full Article

Tsunami Brings Better Treatment for Thai Stray Dogs

"Black, fat, female," a veterinary worker shouts to an assistant taking notes as she gives a rabies shot to another nameless dog left homeless by the Dec. 26 tsunami on the Thai resort island of Phuket. >> Read the Full Article