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Chicago Opens a Rare 'Green' School

Youngsters at Tarkington elementary started their first day of classes Tuesday at a school where flowering plants grow on the roof. It's one of the nation's small but growing number of environmentally friendly schools, a stand-out because it sits in a major city better known for towers of steel and concrete. >> Read the Full Article

Katrina Environmental Issues 'Almost Unimaginable'

In the state's first major assessment of the environmental havoc in southern Louisiana, Department of Environmental Quality Secretary Mike McDaniel said large quantities of hazardous materials in damaged industrial plants, the danger of explosions and fires and water pollution were his main concerns eight days after the storm struck. >> Read the Full Article

Navajos Receive Award for Banning Uranium Mining

The Karl Souder Water Protection Award of the New Mexico Environmental Law Center was awarded to three Navajos, including a youth and a tribal councilman, for their role in banning uranium mining on the Navajo Nation. >> Read the Full Article

Rise in Natural Gas Costs Prompt More Consumers To Look at Geothermal Systems

The five-foot-deep trench zig-zagging across John Aylesworth's yard could help him battle high heating costs this winter. Heating and cooling his treasured but drafty 88-year-old homestead in rural Porter County cost him close to $1,200 last year, Aylesworth said. >> Read the Full Article

Federal, Multi-State Clean Air Act Settlement with Cargill Secures Pollution Reductions

The Department of Justice and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced a multi-state Clean Air Act settlement with Cargill, Inc. which will result in a reduction of approximately 30,000 tons of pollution a year and set new standards for limiting harmful emissions from specialty oilseed plants. >> Read the Full Article

Primax Electronics Uses PTC Windchill to Implement Environmental Regulatory Compliance Plan

PTC, the Product Development Company, today announced that Primax of Taiwan has deployed PTC Windchill for environmental regulatory compliance. >> Read the Full Article

Hurricane Katrina, Record Gas Prices Spark ZAP Electric Car Sales

Transportation company ZAP announced today that sales for its electric cars have picked up recently due to concerns over record oil, gas prices. >> Read the Full Article

India Offers Reward To Track Down Tiger Poachers

India is offering money to poor forest villagers to help catch poachers in a bid to save its endangered tiger population. Poachers and smugglers are known to pay villagers to use their skill in tracking and killing tigers and elephants. >> Read the Full Article

Road Salt Blamed for Rising Salinity in Northeast Streams

The amount of salt dissolved in streams in the Northeast is rising and chemicals used to clear snow and ice from the roads are being blamed. "We're basically hardening the watersheds and feeding them a high-salt diet," said Sujay Kaushal of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science in Frostburg, Md. >> Read the Full Article

Spawning Turtles Return to Mexico Despite Threat

More than 100,000 protected Olive Ridley sea turtles have lumbered onto a Mexican beach in recent days to lay some 10 million eggs, just weeks after poachers massacred spawning turtles on the same stretch of sand. >> Read the Full Article