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Climate Warming Spells Species Wipeout, Experts Say

Whole species of animals from frogs to leopards, living in vulnerable areas and with nowhere else to go, face extinction due to global warming, scientists said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

The 51 Percent Solution -- An ENN Commentary

For the past four years, the Sierra Club focused on stopping the Bush administration's destructive environmental policies. We fought as we have never fought before, pouring heart and soul and every resource at our disposal into that endeavor. We fought in Washington and in communities across the country, and we won thousands of new supporters, but a nation at war and deeply divided on social issues was distracted and ultimately unwilling to change course. We did our best, but our best wasn't enough. >> Read the Full Article

Bush Urges Congress to Pass Energy Bill

President Bush urged Congress Wednesday to pass legislation that would boost U.S. energy production and keep the country's economy growing and less reliant on foreign energy imports. >> Read the Full Article

Toyota to Launch World's 1st Hybrid Luxury Vehicle in U.S.

Toyota Motor Corp. said Tuesday it will launch the world's first luxury hybrid sport utility vehicle, the Lexus RX 400h, in the United States in April, following a delay caused by soaring demand from environmentally conscious consumers. >> Read the Full Article

Wind Energy a Goal in State

Less than a month after Gov. Rod Blagojevich's administration approved a controversial coal-fired power plant, the governor plans to call for more of the state's electricity to come from wind turbines and other renewable sources. >> Read the Full Article

West Texas Woodlands Make Conservation 'Hot' List

A rugged and mountainous terrain stretching from southern Mexico into the southwestern United States, and including some of West Texas' highest peaks, will officially be named today as one of the most biologically diverse and most severely threatened places on the planet. >> Read the Full Article

Lockyer Sues Over U.S. Timber Plan

State Attorney General Bill Lockyer sued the U.S. Forest Service on Tuesday in a bid to stop it from scrapping a logging plan for the Sierra Nevada and replacing it with one that he said is designed to maximize logging and profits from 11.5 million acres of California forests. >> Read the Full Article

California, Environmental Groups Sue to Block Sierra National Forest Plan

California's attorney general joined environmental groups Tuesday in suing the federal government to block its plan to manage 11.5 million acres of Sierra National Forest, which calls for increased logging. >> Read the Full Article

Lawmakers in Six Midwestern States Announce Regional Environmental Effort

Legislators from six Midwestern states Tuesday announced a regional effort to enact tougher laws protecting children from environmental dangers. >> Read the Full Article

Tiny Pest Decimating Honeybee Colonies

A tiny pest is decimating honeybee colonies across the country, worrying beekeepers and farmers who depend on the insects to pollinate their crops. >> Read the Full Article