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Wyoming Wants Gray Wolf Off 'Threatened' List

Wyoming formally petitioned the Interior Department on Wednesday to remove gray wolves from the threatened species list in the northern Rockies, and to allow the state to control the predator. >> Read the Full Article

World Heritage Committee to Investigate Effects of Climate Change, Postpones Decision on Mount Everest

UNESCO agreed Wednesday to investigate the effects of climate change on World Heritage Sites around the globe after environmental activists raised concerns about the threat to Mount Everest. But the United Nations agency postponed a decision on whether to include the world's highest peak and two other sites on its endangered list. >> Read the Full Article

Unborn Babies Soaked in Chemicals, Survey Finds

Unborn U.S. babies are soaking in a stew of chemicals, including mercury, gasoline byproducts and pesticides, according to a report to be released Thursday. Although the effects on the babies are not clear, the survey prompted several members of Congress to press for legislation that would strengthen controls on chemicals in the environment. >> Read the Full Article

PETA Unveils Ads Attacking California Dairy Industry

In another effort to challenge the California milk industry's "happy cows" campaign, an international animal-rights group is rolling out its own "unhappy cows" ads. >> Read the Full Article

Canon Envirothon Draws Teenagers To North America Environmental Competition

High school students from across the U.S. and Canada will convene July 18 – 24 in Springfield, Missouri, to participate in North America’s largest high school environmental education competition. Participants will learn about environmental issues affecting natural resources as they compete for awards in the 2005 Canon Envirothon. >> Read the Full Article

Progressive Design Playgrounds Meets California Criteria for High Performance Schools

Progressive Design Playgrounds, designer and manufacturer of commercial children's play structures, announced today it has been recognized as the first playground manufacturer to meet the environmental standards set by California's Collaborative for High Performance Schools. >> Read the Full Article

Pilot Program Shows Strong Interest in E-Recycling

A trial effort to evaluate feasibility of widespread recycling of consumer electronics shows that items such as computers can be easily recycled at low cost to consumers and retailers. >> Read the Full Article

Driven by Fuel Shortages, China is Going Nuclear

The shadows of Chernobyl and Three Mile Island no longer reach to the pine-crested hillsides of Hangzhou Bay, where China is rushing to expand a nuclear power station to meet soaring demand for electricity for its economic boom. >> Read the Full Article

Washington Man's Wind Generator is Silenced

When Gerry Greenfield received an old surplus wind generator and steel tower from a friend in Tehachapi, Calif., his only cost was the drive. For the past two years, the windmill has been producing a small amount of electricity. Greenfield, 58, who lives on a fixed-income and relies on Social Security, said it saves him about $33 per month on his utility bill. >> Read the Full Article

Soil, Water Protection Helps Eritrea Farmers

Redaegzy Gebremedhin, 64, an experienced farmer and entrepreneur in the Red Sea state of Eritrea, remembers fondly the days when he exported fruit and vegetables to Europe and meat to Saudi Arabia. But that was more than 30 years ago. >> Read the Full Article