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Save the Trees, Save the Apes, Expert Says

A U.N. meeting on endangered species could help secure the survival one of humanity's closest living relatives, the orangutan, by saving its forest home from loggers, a leading expert said on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

In South Carolina, "Beach Kudzu" Threatens Dunes and Native Plants

A seemingly harmless plant brought to South Carolina's coast in the 1990s to help control erosion has turned mean, overtaking dunes, squeezing out other plants, and garnering a notorious nickname: beach kudzu. >> Read the Full Article

Internet Is a Key Battleground in Wildlife Crime Fight

Why trawl through a sweaty illegal wildlife market in Asia when you can shop for rare animals and exotic plants on the Internet? >> Read the Full Article

Hundreds of Sunken Vessels Block Access to Iraq's Seaports, Pollute Waters

The routes into Iraq's two deep water ports are lined with more than 300 sunken ships, blocking the channel and polluting the waters, the U.N. Development Program (UNDP) said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Nothing Is Safe from the Rich and Hungry in China

In southern China, it doesn't matter if an animal is an endangered species. As long as it walks, wriggles, or jumps, it's good enough for the pot. >> Read the Full Article

Canada's Woodland Caribou Face Devastation, Says Report

Canada's population of 184,000 woodland caribou will be savagely reduced if nothing is done to prevent the steady destruction of their northern habitats, according to a report released this week. >> Read the Full Article

Oregon Tribes to Join Proposed Environmental Harm Lawsuit Against DOE

The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation has notified the Department of Energy that it intends to join a suit proposed by the states of Washington and Oregon. >> Read the Full Article

Mexican Officials Seek to Pacify Indian Group with Promises of Christmas Trees

A protesting Indian group that had threatened to cut off water supplies to nearby Mexico City received a promise of Christmas trees this week as part of a federal package aimed at ending their protests. >> Read the Full Article

Mount St. Helens Belches More Steam; Larger Eruption Could Be on the Way

Visitors have gathered by the hundreds to watch Mount St. Helens blow off steam, and so far the volcano has not disappointed. >> Read the Full Article

Goats Expelled from U.S. Virgin Islands National Park

Chewing exotic flowers and common weeds, the indiscriminate eating habits of free-roaming goats have earned them expulsion from U.S. Virgin Islands National Park, officials said this week. >> Read the Full Article