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New Reports Pinpoint Climate Options for Building, Electricity Sectors

The Pew Center on Global Climate Change has released two new reports identifying technologies and policy options for reducing GHG reductions in the building and power sectors. >> Read the Full Article

Wind Power Project Stirs Controversy on Cape Cod

For many years environmental advocates have sought a greater economic commitment to renewable, clean forms of energy such as solar, water, and wind power. Today, a controversy is raging on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, but not because a renewable energy source lacks funding. >> Read the Full Article

Atlanta Area Meets a Federal Standard for Clean Air for First Time in 27 Years

The air in the Atlanta area has met a key cleanliness standard for the first time since 1978, government officials announced Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Four Regions of Spain at Risk of Becoming Deserts, Government Report Says

Four regions of Spain are at risk of turning slowly into deserts, the Environment Ministry said Thursday. The government plans to spend 82.5 million euros (US$100 million) to try and stem the environmental degradation. >> Read the Full Article

Few in Connecticut Using Renewable Energy

More than two months after being given the option of going "green," fewer than 1 percent of electric customers in Connecticut have. >> Read the Full Article

Calif. Scientists Plan to Kill Barred Owls

Federal scientists are planning to shoot a small number of barred owls they say are crowding out the threatened spotted owl in northern California -- an experiment that could lead to killing thousands of the larger owls on the West Coast. >> Read the Full Article

Mosquito Onslaught Plagues Anchorage Residents

A mild winter that left a thick blanket of snow on the ground, followed by a wet spring, created ideal conditions for thick clouds of mosquitoes and other insects that are plaguing Alaska residents. >> Read the Full Article

Court Orders Protection for Pacific Right Whales

A federal judge has ordered the U.S. government to draw up plans to protect North Pacific right whales, thought to have been extinct until they were rediscovered in the Bering Sea three years ago. >> Read the Full Article

Environmental Power Corporation Unveils New Anaerobic Digester Technology; Electricity from Cow Waste

Environmental Power Corporation (AMEX:EPG), in collaboration with Dairyland Power Cooperative, is formally commissioning the first of its electricity generating anaerobic digester systems. >> Read the Full Article

Draft G8 Communique Takes Only Mild Stance on Illegal Logging

Rich nations in the Group of Eight have failed to heed calls for tough moves on illegal logging and will issue only a mild call for action at a summit next month, according to a leaked draft. >> Read the Full Article