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Coming Soon: Gene-Engineered Insects

Coming soon to a jungle near you: mosquitoes genetically engineered so they cannot give people malaria. But this time scientists want to do it right. >> Read the Full Article

Gene-Modified Grass Spreads Far, U.S. Study Finds

Genetically engineered grass developed for use on golf courses can spread its modified genes for miles, carried by ultra-light pollen particles, U.S. government researchers said this week. >> Read the Full Article

Dead Whale Washes Up in Rio

A dead whale washed up on a tourist beach in Rio, the latest in a series of recent unexplained whale deaths on Brazil's southeastern coast. >> Read the Full Article

California may issue greenhouse-gas order to automakers

California is expected this week to order automakers to cut "greenhouse gases" from passenger cars, trucks and SUVs, becoming the first state in the nation to try to combat global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Clearing the Air for Our Kids

Air pollution is often accepted as part of life in urban areas. But new studies have shown that our complacency could come at the expense of our health. And we need to do more if we want to avoid an increasingly smoggy future. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Hopes to Have New Radiation Standard for Waste Site Early Next Year

Trying to overcome a possibly crippling court decision, the Environmental Protection Agency hopes to have a proposal by early next year on new radiation exposure limits at a proposed nuclear waste site in Nevada. >> Read the Full Article

Thai Scientists Begin Probe in Big Orangutan Case

Thai scientists began an investigation this week into what some conservationists believe could be the world's biggest case of ape smuggling: nearly 100 orangutans found in a Bangkok amusement park. >> Read the Full Article

Chilean Sea Bass Smugglers Are Flooding Markets with Illegal Catch

Federal authorities along the West Coast have seized more than 600,000 pounds of suspected illegal Chilean sea bass in recent weeks, a US$10 million haul that environmentalists say reflects a thriving black market trade in the delicate, tasty fish. >> Read the Full Article

Know Your Food

Fast food is such an integral part of our culture that rarely do we take a step back and remember (let alone insist) that there are alternatives. >> Read the Full Article

Washington Scientists Study Whether Whale Watching Poses Threat to Orcas

Killer whales get the superstar treatment every summer off the Washington coast, where tourists fill up whale-watching boats to catch a glimpse of the majestic animals. Now, researchers are studying whether all the attention could be a bad thing. >> Read the Full Article