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On <i>Beyond Organic</i>: Native Traditions, Food and Culture

From tribal salmon fishermen in the Pacific Northwest, to reintroducing traditional tepary beans in the Southwest, Native American communities are pioneering the interconnection between food, heritage and sustainable economies. >> Read the Full Article

Ivory Bill's Doubters Convinced by Tapes

Audio recordings of the ivory-billed woodpecker's distinctive double-rap have convinced doubting researchers that the large bird once thought extinct is still living in an east Arkansas swamp. >> Read the Full Article

Survey Finds Gulf 'Dead Zone' Much Larger

The dead zone off the coasts of Louisiana and Texas is nearly the size of Connecticut and much larger than federal researchers had predicted earlier this year, according to a new survey. >> Read the Full Article

Loss of Wolves Changes Canadian Ecosystem

The loss of once-plentiful wolves in a part of Canada's west allowed the elk population to mushroom, pushing out beavers and songbirds and showing the importance of top predators, Canadian researchers said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

You Don't Do It, We Will, EPA Tells States on Cutting Downwind Pollutants

The Bush administration told 28 states Monday it plans to order specific pollution cuts from their power plants if state officials don't have their own plan by fall of next year for making the air cleaner for people downwind. >> Read the Full Article

If You Could Have Written the Energy Bill...

ENN readers (you) have always been intelligent, well-read, interesting folks. So, I ask you this: If you could have written our national energy legislation what would you have included? Please send me your thoughts. >> Read the Full Article

Energy Policy Act Will Boost Biofuels Industry: Biotechnology Industry Organization

The Energy Policy Act cleared today by Congress for President Bush's signature will improve domestic energy security by setting goals for production of renewable fuels made from U.S. agricultural resources, according to the Biotechnology Industry Organization. >> Read the Full Article

British Artist Turns off the Tap -- after Turning the Water on for a Month

British artist Mark McGowan finally shut off the spigot Friday -- 32 days after turning on the water in an art gallery's kitchen sink as part of an exhibit intended to mock the waste of water. >> Read the Full Article

Robin, Not Crow, May Be West Nile Culprit

The beloved American robin, not the annoying, raucous crow, may be the more potent source for West Nile virus, according to new research. >> Read the Full Article

Texas Family with Contaminated Water Fighting Uranium Mining

The extended Garcia family has lived for five generations in a cluster of frame and trailer homes here that now has a sad distinction: Their water is contaminated with uranium at levels so high the U.S. Environmental Protection Administration has told them to stop drinking it and see their doctors. >> Read the Full Article