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Millions of Idled Acres Getting Another Look

Agriculture, wildlife and conservation groups expect a conference next week in St. Louis to be where the U.S. Department of Agriculture lays out its plan for dealing with vast amounts of land contracts in the Conservation Reserve Program. >> Read the Full Article

Brazil's Salgado Turns His Camera to Nature, Tribes

Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado has shown the world the face of poverty, the tragedy of famine and the sweat of hard labor. Now Mother Nature is attracting the world-renowned master of black-and-white stills. >> Read the Full Article

Bruce Babbitt Calls for More Dams To Cope with Global Warming's Effects

California should build more dams and reconsider building a highly controversial peripheral canal, a key architect of the state's decade-old Delta water plan said Thursday. Bruce Babbitt, who served as Interior Secretary during the Clinton administration, said the state has to worry not only about an aging infrastructure and a growing population, but also the fact that the state's water supplies will be sorely stretched by the effects of global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Analysts See Katrina as `Perfect Storm' for Already High Energy Prices

With crude oil prices already near record levels, Hurricane Katrina targeted the heart of America's oil and refinery operations Sunday, shutting down an estimated 1 million barrels of refining capacity and sharply curbing offshore production in the region. >> Read the Full Article

Bush Administration Encourages Its Agencies To Find Partners for 'Cooperative Conservation'

The White House is playing environmental matchmaker, encouraging odd couples such as the Nature Conservancy and the Pentagon as they team to save wild birds and military training ranges. >> Read the Full Article

Cummins, Scania Form Joint Venture to Produce Next-Generation Fuel Systems

Cummins Inc. and Scania CV AB announced today that the companies have signed a joint venture agreement to produce next-generation fuel systems for heavy-duty on-highway trucks. >> Read the Full Article

California Tomato Farmers Dabble in Sustainable Agriculture

California's Central Valley growers want to make the humble tomato, the main ingredient of ketchup, pizza and spaghetti sauce, into a dominant new player in a growing movement to curb the use of pesticides and fertilizers on U.S. farms. >> Read the Full Article

Deadly Tsunami Reached Around the Globe

Last year's Sumatra tsunami focused its death and destruction on the lands around the Indian Ocean, but the great wave traveled around the world and was recorded as far away as Peru and northeastern Canada. >> Read the Full Article

NEXRAD Waterfowl: Conservation at the Speed of Light

The next generation of wildlife biologists is using a tool to help manage waterfowl, and migratory birds in general. It's the same tool you might rely on hoping to see tomorrow's sky will be dark, blustery and gray. It's NEXRAD Doppler radar. >> Read the Full Article

Showcase Your Video on ENN TV, Powered by Flimp™

Powered by ENN's ground-breaking FLIMP technology, ENN TV will bring environmental news, messages, and stories to audiences via the web beginning September 15. For environmentally focused businesses and non-profit organizations, ENN TV will offer a powerful means of reaching out to the public through a revolutionary new medium. >> Read the Full Article