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Thousands Without Shelter after Heavy Rains Flood Sudan's North Darfur State

Heavy rains have damaged a dam and caused flooding that has left thousands of people without shelter in the capital of North Darfur state and a nearby camp for displaced people, government officials said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Malaysian Firemen Help Indonesia To Fight Blazes

Malaysia sent a team of 100 firemen to neighbouring Indonesia on Monday to help douse forest fires that have blanketed the region in noxious haze. >> Read the Full Article

Mysterious Reptile Evades Capture in L.A. Park

A mysterious, alligator-like creature that surfaced in a Los Angeles suburb has eluded capture for nearly a week, shrewdly passing up raw chicken bait and dodging reptile wranglers in pontoon boats. >> Read the Full Article

Powerful Quake Hits Northern Japan; Small Tsunami Reported, Buildings Collapse

A powerful magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck northeastern Japan on Tuesday and injured at least 60 people, triggering a small tsunami, sending debris crashing into a crowded swimming pool and shaking skyscrapers as far away as Tokyo. >> Read the Full Article

Changing Levels at Arizona Lakes Proves Costly for Park Service

Drought caused the water levels at Lake Powell and Lake Mead to plunge, forcing the federal government to shell out millions to compensate for the losses. >> Read the Full Article

On <i>Beyond Organic</i>: Agri-Tourism

B&B’s on farms? Pick your own blueberries? Pumpkin patches and corn mazes? Welcome to the growing world of agritourism, and the new wave of entrepreneurial farmers who are adapting to the interests of an increasingly urban population. >> Read the Full Article

Harvard to Investigate Origins of Life

Harvard University is joining the long-running debate over the theory of evolution by launching a research project to study how life began. >> Read the Full Article

Solar Empowered

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled a program last August to establish a self-sufficient solar industry in 10 years by encouraging installation of solar panel systems in 1 million homes. The program -- currently at the top of the docket for California legislators -- could reduce carbon emissions equivalent to 850,000 cars each year, according to the Department of Energy >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Track Alien Seaweed in Hawaii

An alien seaweed introduced here 31 years ago has spread rapidly throughout Hawaii and has even reached the remote, unspoiled Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, which has scientists worried. >> Read the Full Article

Study Reveals Most Wild Chimps Are Southpaws

When it comes to fishing tasty termites out of their mounds, wild chimpanzees don't have the right stuff. Most, in fact, are southpaws. A three-year study of 17 wild chimps in Gombe National Park, Tanzania, found that 12 of them used their left hands when using sticks to probe for termites. >> Read the Full Article