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Red Tide Bloom Strikes Off Florida Coast

An unusually fierce red tide bloom this summer has choked off oxygen and killed undersea life in a region of the Gulf of Mexico bottom about 10 miles off the coast of Florida, scientists said. >> Read the Full Article

Denmark Urges "New Thinking" on Climate Change

Denmark urged "new thinking" on Tuesday about ways to combat global warming at the start of climate talks by 25 nations in Greenland. "Climate change represents a growing global challenge," Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller told delegates at the start of the informal four-day talks on the island in Ilulissat, north of the Arctic Circle. >> Read the Full Article

Crocodile Blood May Yield Powerful New Antibiotics

Scientists in Australia's tropical north are collecting blood from crocodiles in the hope of developing a powerful antibiotic for humans, after tests showed that the reptile's immune system kills the HIV virus. >> Read the Full Article

A Natural Way To Say Thanks

Bill and Earleen Weaver have reason to be proud. They've turned an eroding farm choked with weeds west of Pine Bluffs into a property at the cutting edge of conservation in the county in only three years. >> Read the Full Article

Experts Say Man, Nature Threaten Asia's Cultural Landmarks

From India's Taj Mahal to Cambodia's Angkor Wat, Asia's cultural landmarks are threatened by man and nature and more must be done to protect them, experts said on Monday. Earthquakes, floods, civil strife and looting loom large as potential threats, while the more mundane ravages wreaked by tourists could turn ancient attractions into victims of their own popularity. >> Read the Full Article

Fast-Food Chains to Use 100% Renewable Energy

The Holland, Inc., owner of Burgerville and Noodlin' restaurants throughout Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington, has committed to use renewable wind power to provide 100% of its electricity needs, both at its chain stores and also at its corporate headquarters in Vancouver. >> Read the Full Article

Car Exhaust Polluting Puget Sound, Study Reveals

Mud and sand at the bottom of Puget Sound is increasingly tainted by pollution from vehicle exhaust, not heavy industry, a state Department of Ecology study says. The research, which compiled 12 years of sediment test results, showed that toxic metals associated with industrial pollution declined while chemicals tied to vehicle exhaust increased. >> Read the Full Article

Madagascar: Animation Meets Reality -- A Guest Commentary

In early July, as members of the G-8 met in Scotland and singers convened for the Live 8 concerts seeking to make poverty in Africa history, moviegoers were flocking to see DreamWorks SKG's latest cartoon hit, Madagascar. >> Read the Full Article

University of Wisconsin Records Show High Monkey Deaths

A study at the University of Wisconsin led to an unusual number of deaths and illnesses of rhesus monkeys in 2001 and 2002, internal school records show. The UW memos were released Monday by the Primate Freedom Project, a group critical of animal research, which obtained them through an open records request. >> Read the Full Article

Innovative Environment-Friendly Products: Trex Backyard Decking

Today's product feature shows that the successful environment-friendly product can have advantages over its traditional counterparts above and beyond simply helping the green cause. >> Read the Full Article