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California Bill Letting Hybrid Autos Use Car-Pool Lanes May Fail in Washington

Although state legislators easily passed a bill allowing solo-occupant hybrid cars to use car-pool lanes, the new law faces a tough fight in Washington and might not take effect on Jan. 1. >> Read the Full Article

Firm Seeks Approval in Woodbridge, N.J., to Turn Food Waste into Fertilizer

A Massachusetts-based company is seeking approval from county officials to build a processing plant in the Keasbey section of the township that would take food waste and convert it into fertilizer. >> Read the Full Article

Veolia Environnement Wins US$971 Million in Chinese Contracts

Veolia Environnement SA has won contracts worth 790 million euros (US$971 million) to provide drinking water to nearly 3 million people in China, furthering its push into Asia, the French utilities giant said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Tyson and Wal-mart Sign on for Emissions Reduction Program

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Tyson Foods Inc. agreed this week to participate in an emissions reduction program through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). >> Read the Full Article

New Study Examines Business Impacts of Energy and Climate Choices

Energy demand could double or triple by 2050, as population rises and developing countries expand their economies and overcome poverty, according to a new study. >> Read the Full Article

Officials Warn Gold Panners in Filthy Manila River

Philippine officials on Tuesday warned scores of people searching for gold in a filthy suburban Manila river that they face a better chance of getting sick than finding the precious metal. >> Read the Full Article

Pulp Fiction of Family Farmers?

Hurricanes are just the most recent blow to Florida's family-run citrus farmers. >> Read the Full Article

Save the Trees, Save the Apes, Expert Says

A U.N. meeting on endangered species could help secure the survival one of humanity's closest living relatives, the orangutan, by saving its forest home from loggers, a leading expert said on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

In South Carolina, "Beach Kudzu" Threatens Dunes and Native Plants

A seemingly harmless plant brought to South Carolina's coast in the 1990s to help control erosion has turned mean, overtaking dunes, squeezing out other plants, and garnering a notorious nickname: beach kudzu. >> Read the Full Article

Internet Is a Key Battleground in Wildlife Crime Fight

Why trawl through a sweaty illegal wildlife market in Asia when you can shop for rare animals and exotic plants on the Internet? >> Read the Full Article