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African Conflict Is Seen Rooted in Environment

Many conflicts in war-torn Africa are rooted in increasingly parched and degraded land exacerbated by global warming, the first of a series of U.N. regional checkups of the planet's health found. >> Read the Full Article

Alaska Bering Sea Pollock Gets Eco-label

The largest fishery in the United States has received final approval for an eco-label that tells customers the seafood they are buying is environmentally friendly. >> Read the Full Article

Australia's Frisky Koalas to Get Hormone Implants

Lusty Koalas in southern Australia are going to be put on the pill to stop them breeding too quickly and putting too much strain on their eucalyptus-forest home. >> Read the Full Article

Geologists Compress, Bury Carbon Dioxide Beneath Texas Oilfield in Experiment

Some Texas geologists believe the best way to get rid of the carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels is to simply put it back where it came from. >> Read the Full Article

OECD Praises Sweden's Environmental Policy, Suggests Improvements

he Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development praised Sweden recently for being a leader in national and international environmental policy but also said it had areas that needed improvement. >> Read the Full Article

Chevron Phillips to Pay $1.8 Million for Plant Explosions

Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. has agreed to pay a $1.8 million civil penalty for Clean Air Act violations that led to releases of chemicals from a manufacturing plant in Pasadena in 1999 and 2000, resulting in two explosions and three deaths. >> Read the Full Article

Canada Study Details Pregnancy Chemical Hazard

Children whose mothers were exposed during pregnancy to common workplace chemicals scored lower on tests measuring language skills, attention, and memory, researchers said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

In Public Policy, Quirky California Often Pioneers

Welcome to California, the sometimes quirky rebel kingdom of the United States. Independent-minded even before it became a U.S. state, California again is setting its own rules without regard for Washington, which is nearly 3,000 miles away. >> Read the Full Article

Former Chemical Dump in Upstate New York Formally Removed from Superfund List

The site of a former chemical dump that led to an environmental disaster more than two decades ago was formally removed from the federal Superfund list recently. >> Read the Full Article

Companies Tout Water-saving Gadgetry for Builders at Las Vegas Trade Show

Kathy Hilty of Pardee Homes was skeptical about finding anything new in water-saving technology at a trade expo sponsored by the Southern Nevada Water Authority. >> Read the Full Article