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Wyoming Commission Approves Grizzly Boundaries in Effort to Remove Federal Protections

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission set boundaries Tuesday for where grizzly bears can roam in the state in hopes of ending special federal protections and giving Wyoming, Montana and Idaho more control over the bears. >> Read the Full Article

Hurricane Dennis Flips Sunken Ship Upright off Key Largo

The former USS Spiegel Grove, serving as artificial reef on the bottom in 130 feet of water off Key Largo, flipped upright as the core of the storm passed some 200 miles to the west. The Spiegel Grove is the most popular artificial wreck in the Florida Keys, home at least 166 different fish species, said Lad Akins of the Reef Environmental Education Foundation. >> Read the Full Article

Program Encourages Governors to Help with Sensible Community Design

Governors can help foster sensible and sustainable community planning in their states by pursuing designs that don't unduly burden water supplies or force residents to drive everywhere they want to go, says a coalition pushing for new approaches to development. >> Read the Full Article

Reading, Writing & Human Experimentation

(By Brandon Stirling Baker) California law today allows pesticides that have not received full health, stability and efficacy tests to be used on school campuses. These products that are not fully registered are known as "experimental" or "conditionally registered" products. The fact that K-12 public schools are being targeted to test experimental or conditional use pesticide products is downright creepy. I'm 17 years old, and I'd like to live way past 18. >> Read the Full Article

Statoil Plans to Develop New Offshore Oil Field in the Norwegian Sea

Statoil ASA on Monday said it plans to develop a new oil and natural gas field called Tyrihans in the Norwegian Sea. The state-controlled company said project partners submitted plans to the oil ministry for approval in the 14 billion kroner ($2.1 billion) project, due to begin production in 2009. >> Read the Full Article

Advocates Pitch Hemp as Farmers' Gold

Hemp wasn't always the pet plant of tie-dyed liberals. Its spiky leaves once covered thousands of acres across the country. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew it. An early draft of the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. Betsy Ross' flag is said to have been sewn from hemp fabric. >> Read the Full Article

EU Threatens Court Action against 11 Member States over Noise Pollution

The European Union head office on Monday has threatened to take 11 EU countries to court unless they introduce new rules to tackle noise pollution. >> Read the Full Article

Indonesia Charges Newmont Mining Executive for Allegedly Polluting Bay

Prosecutors filed charges against Newmont Mining Corp. and its top U.S. executive in Indonesia on Monday for allegedly polluting a bay with toxic waste, a lawyer said, in a case closely watched by foreign investors. >> Read the Full Article

France Steps up Water Curbs as Drought Intensifies

France extended water rationing to more than half the country on Monday as its worst drought in decades intensified and farmers said food output might suffer. >> Read the Full Article

Singapore Opens Fourth Recycling Plant to Turn Sewage into Water

Singapore on Tuesday opened its fourth recycling plant designed to turn sewage into water, as part of the water-scarce island nation's move to self-sufficiency. >> Read the Full Article