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Illinois EPA Rejects Tougher Pollution Rules for Coal-Burning Plants

The state Environmental Protection Agency has concluded it would be "irresponsible" for Illinois to act on its own and order coal-burning power plants to reduce the amount of soot and mercury they release into the air. >> Read the Full Article

Newmont Seeks Release of Detained Staff in Indonesia

Lawyers for the Indonesian unit of U.S. firm Newmont Mining Corp. formally requested on Thursday the release from detention of five gold mine executives being questioned by police over pollution allegations. >> Read the Full Article

Government Issues Forecasts of Harmful Algae in Gulf of Mexico

The government will begin issuing forecasts Friday of red tides, harmful blooms of algae, in the Gulf of Mexico. >> Read the Full Article

Investing in Sustainability Abroad Can Pay Handsome Dividends

For socially and environmentally responsible investors leery of putting more money into a still-lagging American economy, international mutual funds focusing on investments in green companies abroad are good options to help minimize risk while at the same time expanding one's investment horizons. And today ethical investors have more choices than ever to do well by doing good with overseas mutual funds. >> Read the Full Article

China and U.S. Seek to Protect Cancer-Fighting Tree

The United States and China want to expand trade regulations to protect Asian yew trees, a plant that provides the compound for one of the world's top-selling chemotherapy drugs but is threatened by poaching. >> Read the Full Article

Thailand to Change Farming Ways to End Bird Flu

Hard-hit Thailand plans a campaign to change poultry farming methods as it seeks to stamp out the deadly bird flu virus before migrating wildfowl return during the northern winter, a senior minister said on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Mammoth Toxic Algae Bloom Sighted Off Washington State Coast

A toxic algae bloom off the coast of Washington state has grown to about 30 miles wide, the largest and most potentially lethal algae yet found by scientists in the region. >> Read the Full Article

World Faces Fish Shortage that Could Endanger Livelihoods of Millions, Scientists Say

Overfishing is threatening more than two-thirds of the world's most valuable fish species, triggering fears that hundreds of millions of people in mainly developing countries will suffer food shortages and losses of income, scientists said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Kyoto Is Saved Again &#151 But Will It Save the Earth?

Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to ask parliament to ratify the Kyoto Protocol should belatedly allow the anti-global-warming treaty to come into force, but it's far from saving the climate. >> Read the Full Article

General Mills Cereals Are Going Whole Grain

General Mills Inc. said Thursday it will begin using whole grains in all of its breakfast cereals, including such well-known brands as Lucky Charms and Trix, becoming the latest foodmaker to promote healthier eating. >> Read the Full Article