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Parents Worried about Pesticides Turn to Organic Food

Erin O'Neal has two daughters and a fridge stocked with organic cheese, milk, fruits and vegetables in her Annapolis, Md., home. She is among the increasing number of parents who buy organic to keep their children's diets free of food grown with pesticides, hormones, antibiotics or genetic engineering. >> Read the Full Article

Caribbean Reefs Bleached by Warm Water

A bleaching phenomenon caused by unusually warm waters is whitening coral reefs throughout the Caribbean, raising fears of a large-scale die-off of the organisms, scientists said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists Blast New Policy on Off-Road Vehicles

Environmentalists and recreation groups decried a Forest Service plan to restrict off-road vehicles, saying the new policy could legitimize hundreds of illegal trails carved out by off-road enthusiasts. >> Read the Full Article

Two Public Relations Campaigns Pit Wal-Mart against Critics

Pat McCaughtry has felt the temptation to buy tires at Sam's Club for a much cheaper price than at her local tire shop, but she consistently has resisted the urge. That's particularly the case these days, now that she has signed up to host a mid-November screening of a new documentary critical of the warehouse club's owner, Wal-Mart. >> Read the Full Article

Environmental Heroes from Around the World Honored

Six pioneering environmental initiatives and individuals, including a program to protect endangered parrots in Mexico, the first biologist to study seahorses under water and an organization that brings solar energy to rural areas of Africa, are the newest recipients of the annual Chevron Conservation Awards. >> Read the Full Article

Sara Lee Food & Beverage To Discontinue Wood Pallets; Environmental Benefits Cited

Sara Lee Food & Beverage, one of the nation's largest consumer packaged goods marketers, today announced that it is transporting all products on pallets from CHEP, the global leader in equipment pooling solutions. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Incorporating Sustainability

How can we actually incorporate sustainability in our personal lives? Jerry Kay spoke to Andrés Edward, founder of EduTracks and the Author of The Sustainability Revolution >> Read the Full Article

Judge Overturns Ban on Grouper in Gulf of Mexico

A two-month ban on recreational grouper fishing in the Gulf of Mexico that was scheduled to begin Tuesday has been overturned. >> Read the Full Article

Researchers To Study Urban Coyotes

State and university researchers plan a detailed study on urban neighborhoods that have become hot spots for coyotes. Coyotes, which have been setting up dens in the bushes of two neighborhoods here, will be captured and radio-collared by the Arizona Game and Fish Department and University of Arizona researchers. >> Read the Full Article

Swedish Investor Donates More Than $63 Million To Fight Baltic Sea Pollution

A Swedish investor has donated 500 million kronor (US$63 million; euro52.4 million) to help protect the Baltic Sea environment, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article