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EPA Announces Environmental Bioinformatics Centers in North Carolina and New Jersey

EPA has awarded $9 million in grants to establish two environmental bioinformatics centers that merge computer science, biology, and toxicology to predict hazardous outcomes and advance the field of human health and ecological risk assessment. >> Read the Full Article

Study: Environmentally Friendly Buildings Also Most Market Friendly

A new study led by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors has shown a clear link between the environmental friendliness of a building and its market value. >> Read the Full Article

'View Tax' Triggers Revolt in Rural New Hampshire

The one-room cabin David Bischoff built in a cow pasture three years ago has no electricity, no running water, no phone service and no driveway. What it does have is a wide-open view of nearby hills and distant mountains -- which makes it seven times more valuable than if it had no view, according to the latest townwide property assessment. >> Read the Full Article

Hurricane Wilma Rains Benefit Drought-Prone Cuba, though Some Coffee Crops at Risk

Rains associated with Hurricane Wilma benefited drought-prone Cuba, filling water reservoirs to 76 percent capacity, the state-run Trabajadores newspaper reported Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Illegal Fish Threaten Wyo. Trout Stream

Burbot -- an aggressive, eel-like fish that eat young trout -- have been illegally stocked in a reservoir in southwest Wyoming, and officials say they now pose a threat to some of the state's premier trout water in the upper Green River. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Try to Explain Crash of Delta

Biologists aboard the research vessel Scrutiny sounded the alarm a year ago when their nets came up with the fewest young striped bass and delta smelt since annual surveys began in 1959. >> Read the Full Article

France Engaged in Ambitious Project To Undo the Damage at Mont-Saint-Michel

While much of the world worries about how to stop sea levels from rising, engineers in this corner of Normandy are working on a euro220 million (US$260 million) project to do just the opposite: raise tides back up. >> Read the Full Article

Great Salt Lake May Return to Normal Level

The drought-shrunken Great Salt Lake could be back at its typical level in as few as two or three years, experts say. The U.S. Geological Survey automated gauge has recorded the level at about 4,195.5 feet above sea level for the past three weeks. That translates to a surface area of about 1,000 square miles. >> Read the Full Article

Montana Wildlife Officials Kill Nine Wolves

Federal wildlife managers killed nine wolves in just over a month for allegedly attacking or killing livestock in southwest Montana. >> Read the Full Article

On <I>Beyond Organic</I>: Slow Money Meets Slow Food

When venture capitalist Woody Tasch talks about “pushing money down the food chain,” he’s talking about patient support for small scale food companies working at the leading edge of green business. >> Read the Full Article