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Greenpeace Activists Picket Credit Suisse Moscow Office over Far East Oil Project Funding

About a dozen Greenpeace activists picketed Credit Suisse's downtown Moscow offices Monday over the bank's funding of a disputed oil and gas project on and around the Russian Far East island of Sakhalin. >> Read the Full Article

Big River Open-Space Property Bill on Fast Track in Senate

Despite strong objections from environmental groups and individual senators, the Senate went out of its way yesterday to move along the Carcieri administration's plans to build a new state police headquarters on Big River Reservoir land that was set aside for drinking water and open space. >> Read the Full Article

China Mulls Smog Tax for Big Cars, Report Says

China is considering imposing new taxes on buyers of big cars to persuade drivers to buy environmentally friendly vehicles, a news report said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Alewives' Run Lures Spectators and Hungry Birds

Chuck Reinhardt stood in awe as he gazed down at the multitudes of silver-sided fish crowded into a waterway no more than 5 feet wide. After three to four years at sea, thousands of alewives were following their instincts on a journey back to the freshwater where they were born. >> Read the Full Article

Fire Crews Fear More Wind, Heat and Low Humidity as Blazes Char Thousands of Acres in West

Firefighters battled in hot, dry and windy weather Sunday to contain wildfires that have prompted evacuations, closed a major highway and covered much of southwest Utah with a dark, smoky haze. >> Read the Full Article

'Niagara of the West' Roars to Life in Idaho after Years of Drought

The waterfalls known as the "Niagara of the West" roared back to life this week for the first time in six years with the release of water from upstream dams to aid salmon migration. >> Read the Full Article

Rwanda Symbolically Names Endangered Baby Gorillas

Rwanda held a traditional naming ceremony for some of its rare mountain gorillas on Saturday in an effort to attract tourism and help to preserve one of the world's most endangered species. >> Read the Full Article

Timing of Next Indonesia Tsunami a Mystery

When will the next Indonesian tsunami strike? With last December's tragedy and a second large earthquake in the area just three months later, that's more than just an abstract scientific question. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Studying Gulf's 'Dead Zone'

Through mid-July, scientists from NOAA's National Coast Data Development Center and the agency's Fisheries Service at Stennis Space Center will look at data about dissolved oxygen from the "dead zone" areas in the Gulf of Mexico. >> Read the Full Article

Appeals Court Upholds EPA on Letting Older Plants Pollute More

The Bush administration's plan to let aging industrial plants modernize without buying expensive new pollution controls was upheld Friday by a federal appeals court. >> Read the Full Article