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Major War Brewing over Efforts to Save Spokane River

Few cities have waterfalls thundering through the downtown core. Even fewer have one like Spokane's, which can be -- and often is -- shut off at the spigot. >> Read the Full Article

Japan Government Panel Approves Proposal to Cut Emissions under Kyoto Protocol

A Japanese government panel on Tuesday approved a preliminary plan that aims to lower emissions from cars, buildings and factories over the next five years to meet targets set by the Kyoto Protocol on global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Nine States File Lawsuit Challenging New EPA Mercury Regulations

Nine states filed a lawsuit against the federal government Tuesday, challenging new regulations they say fail to protect children and expectant mothers from dangers posed by mercury emissions from power plants. >> Read the Full Article

Salmon From Farms Breed Sea Lice, Study Says

Salmon farms help stock supermarkets but also breed parasitic sea lice that infect young wild salmon and could endanger other important ocean species such as herring, scientists said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Says Children May Be Vulnerable than Adults to Carcinogens

Children may be more vulnerable than adults to cancer risks from certain gene-damaging chemicals, the Environmental Protection Agency said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Earth's Health is Deteriorating as Growing Human Demands for Food, Water Strain Ecosystems, U.N. Study Finds

Growing populations and expanding economic activity have strained the planet's ecosystems over the past half century, a trend that threatens international efforts to combat poverty and disease, a U.N.-sponsored study of the Earth's health warned on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Environment Must be Taken into Account as Asia Economy Grows, Officials Say

The environment can't be ignored as bustling Asian economies grow, despite concerns the issue could slow business expansion aimed at reducing poverty, officials said Tuesday at a U.N.-sponsored conference. >> Read the Full Article

Premier, Inc. Among "Champions for Change" Recipients

Premier, Inc. has been recognized for helping healthcare facilities with their environmental efforts, including waste minimization and the elimination of the use of mercury. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Healthy Vending

Do you think "healthy vending machine" is an oxymoron? It doesn't have to be. >> Read the Full Article

Contractors Face Pressure to Lower Diesel Engine Pollution

Construction companies are being pressured to retrofit diesel-operated trucks and machines with pollution control equipment or risk losing business. >> Read the Full Article