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Environmental News Network Launches ENN Innovation Expo

Environmental News Network announed today the launch of its latest interactive feature, ENN Innovation Expo. The Expo is an exciting new opportunity for today's environmental innovators to showcase their products to an environmentally-conscious audience though an interactive medium. >> Read the Full Article

Green For Good Launches Website' Featuring Nearly 1400 Green, Organic And Eco-Friendly Products

Addressing the growing popularity of ecologically friendly products in the marketplace, Green for Good, LLC today launched its website, >> Read the Full Article

Toyota to Keep Electric RAV4s in Service

Toyota intends to keep the electric version of its popular small SUV, the RAV4, in service. >> Read the Full Article

Supreme Court Nominee's Vote in Toad Case Is Dissected for Legal Views

A toad may offer insight into John Roberts' legal philosophy. The Supreme Court nominee voted against the amphibian in a 2003 case testing the powers of the federal government, a decision that suggests he may be inclined to support state or local interests on issues from civil rights to pollution control if confirmed to the high court. >> Read the Full Article

Rare Beetle Found in Massachusetts Forest

A species of beetle never before seen in North America has been discovered in a Massachusetts forest, but the Asian insect does not appear to pose an ecological threat, experts said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

California Air Regulators Announce New Emission Factor for Dairies

Dairies are the No. 1 source of smog-producing pollution in the San Joaquin Valley, producing more than even cars and light trucks, according to a report released by air regulators on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Federal Agency Proposes Pulling Pygmy Owl from Endangered List

A federal agency announced that it will propose the removal of the cactus ferruginous pygmy owl in Arizona from the list of threatened and endangered species. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's action on Monday follows years of legal battles, including an appellate court decision which the agency cited as the basis for its new proposal. >> Read the Full Article

Researcher Finds Bird Emits Mosquito Repellent

A bird species found in some parts of Western Alaska is believed to emit a natural mosquito repellent with properties similar to DEET, the key ingredient in many commercial repellents. >> Read the Full Article

Researchers Say Arctic Teeming With Life

Beneath its ice, the Arctic Ocean is teeming with life, says a team of international scientists that just completed a 30-day expedition to the northern ocean. With the aid of a remote-operated underwater vehicle, a photo platform lowered from the vessel, diving suits and 24-hour sunlight, the team collected samples from places never before seen by the human eye. >> Read the Full Article

Israeli Zoo in Gaza Poised to Evacuate Animals

A zoo in a Jewish settlement in Gaza has answered the call to evacuate ahead of Israel's planned pullout from the occupied territory. Hundreds of snakes, birds and other animals from the 10-acre Katifari zoo in Gush Katif, Gaza's largest settlement bloc, will join the evacuation. >> Read the Full Article