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China Releases Endangered Sturgeons Implanted with Microchips in Migration Study

More than 1,000 endangered Chinese sturgeons implanted with micro chips have been released into the Yangtze River as part of a project to study their migration habits, a newspaper reported Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Waste Company Scraps Landfill Plan along Voting Rights Trail

The nation's largest trash hauler has scrapped plans to develop a landfill along the historic trail that commemorates the 1965 Voting Rights marches, a decision applauded by opponents. >> Read the Full Article

Firms Pressure Russia To Adopt Kyoto Mechanisms

Two top Russian firms, power monopoly UES and services group Sistema, pressed the government on Monday to pass laws needed to implement the Kyoto Protocol, saying a lack of clarity was endangering environmental projects. >> Read the Full Article

Bush Administration Proposes New Fishing Rules Aimed at Overfishing

The Bush administration proposed new guidelines Monday that it said would prevent overfishing, part of a plan for managing the nation's marine resources. >> Read the Full Article

Congressman Calls for Investigation of Logging in Tree Reserve

An Oregon congressman called Monday for an investigation into how the Forest Service allowed 16 acres inside a rare tree reserve to be logged as part of a salvage harvest following a 2002 fire. >> Read the Full Article

On <i>Beyond Organic</i> Radio: The 'Eat Local' Movement

The American meal travels an average of 2,000 miles from farm to plate, according to a recent study by the Worldwatch Institute. This grossly inefficient food supply system has fostered unhealthy expectations -- the attitude that any food should be available any time of year and at a unrealistically low cost. >> Read the Full Article

Army Corps Opens Tracts of Wetlands to Development

Despite continued government pledges to protect wetlands, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has opened thousands of acres of wetlands to development in recent months across the United States. >> Read the Full Article

North Korea Says It Won't Dismantle Nuclear Weapons Until It Gets Light Water Reactors

North Korea insisted Tuesday it won't dismantle its nuclear weapons program until the U.S. gives it civilian nuclear reactors, casting doubt on a disarmament agreement reached a day earlier during international talks. >> Read the Full Article

Conservation Groups Want $404 Million for Frogs

International conservation groups proposed a $404 million effort Monday to preserve frogs and other amphibians whose sensitive, porous skins often make them the first indicator of when nature goes awry. >> Read the Full Article

Congressmen Seeking Big Changes in Endangered Species Act

A group of congressmen proposed bipartisan legislation Monday to rewrite the Endangered Species Act, a measure that environmental groups say would gut the landmark 1973 law. >> Read the Full Article