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Senators Introduce Ocean Trash Bill

A bipartisan group of U.S. senators from coastal states introduced legislation Thursday calling for removal of the thousands of tons of ocean debris that wash up on U.S. shores each year. >> Read the Full Article

FPL to Build Solar Panels Thanks to Green Customers

Florida Power & Light Co. has signed on more than 10,000 customers for its renewable-energy program. >> Read the Full Article

More Trucks Likely to Come Under New CAFÉ Umbrella

Fuel-economy standards for light trucks will rise slightly in the next two years and could change dramatically as early as 2008, when new definitions of what constitutes a truck may take effect. >> Read the Full Article

Aleutian Oil Spill Now Biggest in Alaska Since 1989

A cargo ship that ran aground, split in two and poured fuel oil into the Bering Sea in December ranks as one of the biggest spills in Alaska, dwarfed only by the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster, state environmental officials said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

2005 Could Be Warmest Year Recorded, Says NASA

A weak El Nino and human-made greenhouse gases could make 2005 the warmest year since records started being kept in the late 1800s, NASA scientists said this week. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Weekly: February 7th - 11th

Early in the week, the unveiling of the Bush administration's aggressive 2006 budget sparked a number of articles lamenting the president's proposed $7.57 billion cut in EPA funding. >> Read the Full Article

Asia Quake, Tsunami Moved Islands, Shortened Days

The massive earthquake that triggered the Asian tsunami wobbled the earth on its axis, forced cartographers back to the drawing board and changed time by a fraction, but there's no need to adjust your clocks. >> Read the Full Article

Madagascan Troops Accused of Smuggling Tortoises

Three Madagascan army officers have been arrested on suspicion of smuggling nearly 200 endangered tortoises out of the country on a French military plane. >> Read the Full Article

Clouds Gather Over Future of Kyoto Climate Pact

Defying repeated premature reports of its death, the Kyoto Protocol will come into force in a few days. But doubts are already growing over the long-term future of the world's most ambitious environmental agreement. >> Read the Full Article

Biologist Says Deer Threaten Ginseng

American ginseng, sister of the Asian wonder herb and a seasonal cash crop in Appalachia, has two obstacles to long-term survival in the United States: Man and deer. >> Read the Full Article