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EPA Issues Annual Fuel Mileage Booklet

The EPA has issued its annual fuel mileage guide with complete ratings for the 2005 car model year. >> Read the Full Article

Scrapped Locomotive Engines Power Roanoke Business

A steel company in Indonesia might someday fire up a power plant that was built from refurbished locomotive engines in Roanoke. >> Read the Full Article

FedEx West Coast Hub Goes Solar

FedEx Corp. flipped the switch this week in Oakland, Calif., turning its whole West Coast hub into a solar-generating machine and casting a nice glow on a hometown partnership. >> Read the Full Article

Texas Approves Green Plus as Alternative Formulation Solution for Texas Low Emission Diesel

Biofriendly Corporation announced today that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has issued a notification approving Biofriendly's Green Plus diesel fuel enhancer as an Alternative Formulation solution when added to standard #2 low sulfur diesel to meet the State's new stringent Texas Low Emission Diesel (TxLED) regulation. >> Read the Full Article

Denver's Oldest Title Insurer to "Close Green," Launching First-Ever Linked Documents Online

After recently spending over $2,500 to shred over 3,000 real estate records older than seven years, Zoe Sawyer, vice president of associate development for RE/MAX Southeast, didn't hesitate when one of Denver's oldest and largest title insurance companies, Land Title Guarantee Company, asked her to get her 160 Realtors to "Close Green" and switch to emailed paperless transactions for commitments to insure, corresponding documents and B-2's. >> Read the Full Article

Living with the Legacy of 'Away'

(By Dr. David Suzuki) What do you do with waste? Why, you throw it away, of course. But think about the term, "throw it away." Where exactly is this "away" place and what happens to things when they get there? For the city of Vancouver, away is a place hundreds of kilometers up river. For Toronto, away is a place in a different country. And that's just household garbage being carted off to distant landfills. We also dump air pollutants up our smoke stacks and out our tail pipes. We pour human and industrial waste into our rivers and oceans. We spray chemicals on our crops and hope the residue goes away. >> Read the Full Article

Tank Overheats at Oil Refinery in U.S. Virgin Islands

Officials evacuated several workers at an oil refinery Wednesday after a tank holding a mixture of crude oil and water overheated, producing a large vapor cloud. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Crack DNA Code of Rice

An international team of scientists has deciphered the genetic code of rice, an advance that should speed improvements in a crop that feeds more than half the world's population. >> Read the Full Article

EU Blames Drought, Human Negligence for Rise in Forest Fires in Southern Europe

Drought and human negligence are to blame for the recent rise in forest fires across Europe, the European Union's head office said Wednesday, warning the situation in southern Europe remained precarious. >> Read the Full Article

Barges Lighten Loads, Hope for Rain as Drought Lowers River Levels

As the Midwest's worst drought in 17 years continues to lower inland rivers, Larry Daily and other barge operators shake their heads at sunny skies and hope for rain -- lots of it -- to buoy their cargos, spirits and bottom lines. >> Read the Full Article