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India Says It Busts Major Tiger Poaching Ring

Indian police have busted a tiger poaching ring responsible for killing at least 10 animals in one of its premier wildlife parks, an officer said on Tuesday. Four poachers living in the forests surrounding the Ranthambhore reserve had confessed to killing 10 tigers and a leopard, police superintendent Alok Vasisth said. >> Read the Full Article

EU Presses U.S. on Gas Emissions, Global Warming

The European Union ramped up pressure on the United States on Tuesday to do more to control greenhouse gas emissions blamed for climate change, saying U.S. reliance on new technology was not working. >> Read the Full Article

Sustainable Gulf Reconstruction

By Tensie Whelan As some hurricane victims return home while others still languish in trailer parks and temporary hotels, the debate over rebuilding hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast communities has been joined, though without much of a blueprint. There has been no near-total reconstruction of a major US city like New Orleans since the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, or the great Chicago fire of 1871, and times have changed radically since then. We now confront twin imperatives to do the unprecedented: to tackle the largest urban reconstruction project in American history quickly, and to do it sustainably. >> Read the Full Article

Maine Woodchipping Business Picks Up Where Loggers Leave Off

In the face of sharply escalating energy costs, the Maine forest is loaded with wood that has been cut, and left to rot into the soil. >> Read the Full Article

All-Natural Gobble Is Sound of Success

Call it a new generation of turkey. The all-natural birds at Alison's Family Farms get a vegetable diet, more room to roam, and aren't given antibiotics or drugs to help them grow. >> Read the Full Article

Researchers to Study Horse Manure, Weeds

Researchers here are looking to horse manure to study the spread of invasive weeds. Dominican University has received a $100,000 National Park Service grant to study how to slow the spread of nonnative plants and weeds in state parks, school officials said. >> Read the Full Article

Throw Another Skippy or Wallagang on the Barbie?

How do you like your kangaroo -- medium rare? Doesn't sound too appealing, does it? So in a bid to make Australia's national icon more palatable, Food Companion International magazine and the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia are running a competition to find a more palatable culinary name for the meat of the hopping marsupials. >> Read the Full Article

Forests Flushed Down the Toilet

The major tissue manufacturers are not offering enough recycled toilet paper, towels and napkins to European consumers and must be more responsible when sourcing their wood, according to a new WWF report. >> Read the Full Article

Researchers Find Usinc Acid Caused Elk Deaths

Wyoming wildlife biologists and federal researchers have identified the chemical responsible for the death of hundreds of elk in southern Wyoming last year. >> Read the Full Article

Engineers Explore New Project To Save Venice from Sinking

A group of engineers and geology experts said Monday they are considering injecting seawater under Venice to raise the waterlogged Italian city by one foot to rescue it from the tides and floods that bedevil it. >> Read the Full Article