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As Oil Hits a High of $55, Who's in Pain, Who Stands to Gain?

While Americans wince as they fill up their SUVs with $2-a-gallon gasoline, market forces are smiling on the Saudi Arabias and Exxon Mobils of the world. >> Read the Full Article

Carolinas Try to Recycle More Oyster Shells for Shellfish Habitats

The Carolinas are seeking sites to expand oyster shell recycling programs in Brunswick County, N.C., and Horry County to provide more habitat for a shellfish population that's slowly starting to rebound after decades of decline. >> Read the Full Article

Westinghouse's Environmental Manager Urges Removal of Tainted Missouri Soil

Officials with Westinghouse Electric Co. are recommending the removal of about 1,100 cubic yards of soil contaminated with uranium from the grounds of the company's shuttered nuclear fuel plant in Hematite. >> Read the Full Article

HP Asks Palo Alto, Calif., to Delay Request on Axing Tree at Historic Site

The five-story-tall coastal live oak that's confounding Hewlett-Packard's restoration plans for Silicon Valley's most famous garage may not get the ax after all. At least, not yet. >> Read the Full Article

Corporate and Environmentalist Alliance Buys Sensitive Coast Land in Mexican Nature Reserve

A newly formed international partnership for wetland restoration launched its first environmental protection effort this week donating US$750,000 (euro585,000) to the purchase of a 1.1-mile (1.8-km) stretch of sensitive beach on Mexico's Caribbean coast. >> Read the Full Article

Biological Weapons Pose Major Threat, Say U.K. Scientists

Biological weapons that can wipe out whole populations pose one of the biggest threats to the world today, yet remain almost completely uncontrolled, the British Medical Association said this week. >> Read the Full Article

Brazilian Wins Miss Earth Beauty Pageant

Priscilla Meirelles, a medical student from Brazil, was named Miss Earth 2004 recently, winning a beauty pageant that promotes environmental concerns. >> Read the Full Article

Hurricanes Flood Florida's Lake Okeechobee, Experts Fear Long-Term Problems

Standing on an airboat, state biologist Donald Fox surveyed the dying, bare stalks peeking out of the coffee-brown lake water. >> Read the Full Article

Rosa Elena Simeon, Cuba's Science and Environment Minister, Dead at 61

Rosa Elena Simeon, Cuba's minister of Science, Technology, and Environment, has died, state television reported. She was 61. >> Read the Full Article

Greece Insists on Decision to Block E.U. Plans Penalizing Polluters

Greece said on Wednesday it would never retreat from its decision to block European Union proposals setting minimum punishments for shipping companies and captains responsible for oil slicks. >> Read the Full Article