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Lack of Security, Not Lack of Food, Keeps Relief from Those Who Need It Most in Gonaives, Haiti

While desperately hungry flood victims wander the streets of Gonaives searching for help, tons of food aid is piling up in a warehouse guarded by U.N. peacekeepers. >> Read the Full Article

Sprawl Is Linked to Chronic Ailments, Says Study

Warning: Suburban sprawl may be hazardous to your health. A report released this week found that people who live in sprawling metropolitan areas are more likely to report chronic health problems such as high blood pressure, arthritis, headaches, and breathing difficulties than residents of more compact cities. >> Read the Full Article

West Virginia Wood-products Company Accused of Endangered Species Violations

A coalition of six conservation groups has filed a "notice of violations" letter charging Allegheny Wood Products with violating the terms of the Endangered Species Act by logging and road-building in threatened bat and snail habitat in its new Cheat Canyon holdings. >> Read the Full Article

Mount St. Helens Is on Higher Eruption Alert

Mount St. Helens could erupt within days, government scientists said this week, raising the alert after movement in the volcano's lava crust was detected following a week of small earthquakes. >> Read the Full Article

Wildlife Coalition Urges Protection of Marine Life Through Trade Restrictions

Wildlife conservation groups on Wednesday called for greater protection for marine species, particularly whales and fish threatened with extinction due to commercial trade. >> Read the Full Article

Australia's Labor Leads, but Greens' Influence Grows

Minor Australian parties like the increasingly popular Greens shaped up as major players in an Oct. 9 election as an opinion poll this week showed opposition Labor had edged ahead of the conservative government. >> Read the Full Article

After Years of Exporting Organic Products Abroad, Mexico Is Now Spreading Healthy Eating at Home

Creamy fresh yogurt from hormone-free cows, coffee untainted by chemicals, and avocados plucked from pesticide-free trees line the shelves of The Green Corner market, whose earthy feel suggests organic food stores north of the border. >> Read the Full Article

Intel Tops U.S. Government List of Best Commuter Benefits

Intel, Fannie Mae, and Cisco Systems top the U.S. government's list of Fortune 500 companies that have the best commuting benefits for their employees. >> Read the Full Article

Sri Lanka Seeks Peace &#151 This Time With Elephants

Wild elephants and farmers are killing each other at an alarming rate in Sri Lanka, so hundreds of wildlife officers and villagers fanned out into forests this week to find ways to broker peace. >> Read the Full Article

Kyrgyzstan Seizes Nuclear-Bomb-Grade Plutonium

Security forces in the ex-Soviet state of Kyrgyzstan have detained a man who tried to sell nuclear-bomb-grade plutonium on the black market, a senior security official said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article