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Alaska Weighs Ban on Hunters Luring Bears With Food

Stale doughnuts, lard, honey-drenched dog food: Is this any kind of meal for a wild Alaskan bear? >> Read the Full Article

Governments Need to Act to Avert Water Crisis

Strong action is needed to avert a global water crisis that has deprived 1 billion of the world's poor of drinking water and has killed millions through diarrhea, an international expert warned. >> Read the Full Article

Science Struggles Under W.'s Thumb

Who's got the science chops, George or John? A leading science journal is leaving it up to readers to decide. >> Read the Full Article

One-Quarter of Iraqis Are Dependent on Food Rations, Says U.N. World Food Program

One in four Iraqis are dependent on food rations to survive, and many of them have to sell what little food they have for basic necessities like medicine and clothes, the U.N. World Food Program (WFP) said this week. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists Sue Over Sierra Nevada Logging Plan

Environmental groups sued the U.S. Forest Service this week, claiming a six-year-old federal law aimed at preventing wildfires has degenerated into a backdoor effort to eventually increase logging across 340,000 acres of Sierra Nevada national forests. >> Read the Full Article

Russian Cabinet Approves Kyoto Protocol, Will Send it to Parliament for Ratification

Russia's Cabinet approved the Kyoto Protocol on global warming Thursday, clearing the way for parliamentary ratificaion of the document, the Interfax news agency reported. >> Read the Full Article

Italy's Stromboli Offers Thrills of Living With Volcano

Perching on the slopes of Stromboli, Pasquale Giuffre eats, sleeps, and breathes in the shadow of the volcano which is constantly spitting red fountains of lava and clouds of smoke. >> Read the Full Article

Export of Genetically Alterned Corn to Mexico Stirs Controversy, Concern

Even before its release, a report addressing the potential impact of genetically altered U.S. corn exports to Mexico has stirred up a dustdevil of controversy, including fears that the Bush administration is trying to bury it. >> Read the Full Article

Largest Supplier of Construction Materials to Pay Record $373,000 Fine

The world's largest supplier of construction materials paid a record fine this week to settle claims it illegally mined sand out of San Francisco Bay. >> Read the Full Article

Bush, Kerry energy policies vary by matter of degree

As oil prices soar, so does the importance of energy as an issue in the presidential campaign. >> Read the Full Article