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Sierra National Forest Plan Approved with Minor Changes

The U.S. Forest Service approved a sweeping plan Thursday to manage 11.5 million acres of national forest land across the Sierra Nevada, renewing debate on how best to prevent wildfires like those that devastated Southern California a year ago. >> Read the Full Article

Feds Propose $2 Billion Plan to Protect Seasonal Pools

They are puny, peculiar and strictly part-time -- the plants and animals that populate shallow ponds across California and southern Oregon, coming to life each winter and disappearing in summer. But with development drying up these vernal pools, they're also endangered. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists in 17 Nations to Study Fish

Scientists in 17 countries will scout waterways to locate and study the world's largest freshwater fish species, many of which are declining in numbers, hoping to learn how to better protect them, researchers announced Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Encouraging Use of Seven Chemicals to Replace More Dangerous Ones

The Environmental Protection Agency is lowering regulatory barriers to encourage broader commercial use of seven chemicals that previously were considered toxic, smog-forming or hazardous. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists See Hope amid Coral Doom and Gloom

Even though nearly two thirds of coral reefs are now officially endangered, some are bouncing back despite warmer oceans and pollution, giving hope the marine marvels are not completely doomed, scientists said on Friday. >> Read the Full Article

BP Exploration in Alaska Plans Big Projects for Next Decade

BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. plans to spend more than $10 billion on capital projects over the next decade, a company executive said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Company to Debut 'Fair Trade' Guatemalan Goods in New Haven, Conn.

Mercado Global will launch a catalog of "fair trade" Guatemalan goods tonight at Hot Tomato's restaurant downtown. >> Read the Full Article

Fuel Cell Developers United Technologies, Toshiba to Split up on Efforts

United Technologies Corp. and Japanese technology giant Toshiba have agreed to go their separate ways when it comes to developing fuel cell products. >> Read the Full Article

DuPont Study Finds High C8 Levels in Blood of Parkesburg, W.Va., Residents

A DuPont Co. study found high levels of the toxic chemical C8 in the blood of residents near its Parkersburg plant, according to documents provided to federal regulators. >> Read the Full Article

Connecticut Program Promotes Use of Renewable Energy

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund will offer free solar energy systems to towns and cities that commit to buying 20 percent of their electricity from environmentally friendly sources by 2010, the agency said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article