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Seattle Nonprofit Offers Solo Drivers Payment to Ditch Cars

Cranky after creeping through the Kirkland Crawl? Morose over the Mercer Mess? Burning to take a bus to Bellevue rather than brave the 520 bridge another day? >> Read the Full Article

Bush Administration Proposes Cuts in Federally Designated Areas to Save Salmon from Extinction

The Bush administration has proposed large cuts in federally designated areas in the Northwest and California meant to aid the recovery of threatened or endangered salmon. Protection would focus instead on rivers where the fish now thrive. >> Read the Full Article

Rocket Fuel Chemical Found in Lettuce, Organic Milk

The government has found traces of a rocket fuel chemical in organic milk in Maryland, green leaf lettuce grown in Arizona and bottled spring water from Texas and California. >> Read the Full Article

Chemicals Approved to Battle Soybean Rust in Virginia

The Environmental Protection Agency has granted Virginia emergency exemptions to use six agricultural chemicals in the battle against soybean rust. >> Read the Full Article

Four Green Firms Win New Ventures Competition in Mexico

A company that sells Mexico's first organic chicken, another that restores previously unusable land for aquaculture, a third that helps replenish water supplies, and a fourth that uses sustainable technology in the production of tortillas have been announced as winners of the World Resource Institute's (WRI) New Ventures Investor Forum in Mexico. >> Read the Full Article

Laughter from Hippoworks

Aside from making people laugh, Hippoworks characters help educate people about the environment and treatment of animals. >> Read the Full Article

Desert Serenity

A sustainability pioneer who apprenticed with an Egyptian architect who championed safe, low-cost housing, now builds adobe homes in the Texas desert and founded a nonprofit to teach others how. >> Read the Full Article

Leftovers Again?

Food storage solutions for better health and to save money. >> Read the Full Article

Don't Be Fuelish!

The price of oil and gasoline recently rose to levels not seen since the 1970s. When prices rise at the pump, people respond by looking for ways to conserve gas and save money. >> Read the Full Article

China's Search For New Energy Sources

The demand for alternative fuels in China is driven by the Chinese government’s desire to reduce air pollution, particularly in urban centres, and reduce the country’s dependence on imported oil. Preparing to host the 2008 Olympics is also putting pressure on the Government of China to make the necessary investments. >> Read the Full Article